Today, Wednesday, was the engagement of Habachur Duvid Rabinowitz, the son of the Biale Rebbe Shlit”a of Boro Park, to the daughter of Harav Shloime Boruch Blau Shlit”a
The Chosson is well known in Yeshiva for his Hasmodoh in torah and his excellent Middos. He was also from the group of those who learned Maseches Taanis everyday for fourty days, whom Mohorosh Z”l promised everyone who will learn maseches taanis for fourty days will find their shidduch.
The yeshiva has much Hakoras Hatov for the Biale Rebbe Shlit”a, who gave away his Beis Hamedrash so that the bochurim will have a yeshiva where to sit and learn.
The mechutan, Harav Blau is one of the well known talmidim of Mohorosh Z”l, and has since done a lot to be Mekarev Yidden to Hashem.
May hashem help it should be a Kesher Shel Kayaama and they should merit to build a Bayis Ne’eman Beyisroel. Omein!