Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a

Hisbodedus, Kiddush

בעזרת ה' יתבדך-יום א' פרשת שמותת ט"ו טבת, שנת תשע"ט


……student of Bais Faiga Breslev

I received your letter.

I’m very happy to hear that you conduct yourself with respect, and have derech eretz for your teachers. Likewise, you should remember only to be friendly with girls which are refined and behave respectfully. Through doing so you you will bring nachas to your parents and create a good reputation for our school ‘Bais Faiga”.

Regarding if one may drink water before kiddush; until you turn bas mitzva you may do so. (Magan Avroham, siman 269)

Accustom yourself to talk to Hashem, ask him for everything that is important to you. The holy Rebbe would always praise the yiddishe mames which have pure faith in Hashem, and naturally turn to him for everything they need.

May Hashem help you succeed in everything you do.

Chinuch, Krias Shema, Tefilin

בעזרת השם יתברך-יום ד', פ' משפטים,כ"ד שבט, שנת תשע"ט


How fortunate for us that we are aware of the holy rebbe, which constantly reminds us the reason for our existence in this world. That we should find time to do good deeds, because that is only what remains of a person, after 120.

During the times of R' Nosson z"l there was a big rebbe which lived in the city of Teplik. His chassidim would flock to him, each looking for help and guidance with his problems. One had issues with the poritz, another felt someone was stealing his livelihood, a third had problems with a goy etc. His approach was, to curse anyone who interfered with his talmidim. When R' Nosson was told about this he expressed himself "Gevald! To curse people the entire night? If he would only talk about tachlis- the real point of life, they would all  forget their hardships".

Therefore how lucky are we, that we merited to know of the holy rebbe and his talmidim, which remind us again and again to turn to Hashem. Like the Baal Tefillah proclaimed (sipurei maasos, story 12) "There is no other purpose on this world, except to serve Hashem".

Go to shul every day with tallis and tefillin, and take pleasure in the mitzvah of tefillin; here in shul we dance after davening every day with lively music, because this is our life, our happiness, that we merited another day with tallis and tefillin.

Take notice of your beautiful children, sing krias shema with them at night, and say berachos with them-this is avodas Hashem! The holy R' Nosson would say "the chinuch of my children is as important to me as tikkun chatzos" ; R' Nosson would go to sleep early, so he would be able to rise to tikkun chatzos, but as soon as he had a household of children, he would wait for them to come home from cheder, teach them to say berachos, and say krias shema with them. This world restrict him from going to bed early, but he would say, "this is just as important, as my avodah at chatzos".

May Hashem help you succeed in all your endeavors.

Sholom Bayis, Shabbos

בעזרת השם יתברך ליל שישי פ' ויחי, אור לי"ג טבת, שנת תשע"ט


Leil shishi (thursday night) is the not the time to hang out with friends, go home, and help your wife prepare for shabbos.

Imagine you would have guest coming, you would certainly clean and prepare your house with an excitement and simcha, likewise, one should prepare מכל טוב וטוב, all kinds of delicacies in honor of the holy shabbos. Especially now, during the short winter Fridays be a חכם עיניו בראשו, and start preparing on Thursday in order for you to have an easier erev shabbos.

While hustling for shabbos sing to yourself "lekuvid shabbos!" and " shabbos is coming!", it states in mishna berurah that while buying for shabbos one should say 'lekuvid shabbos'; the more one expresses his excitement and anticipation for the shabbos, the more kedushah descends to the world.

Remember what the holy R' Nosson would say "I'd rather always be from the נרדפים-the mistreated"; be careful never to hurt another Jew, and definitely not your own wife.

I'll have to elaborate more on this tomorrow, now I have to run to my talmidim which are waiting for some chizuk. Bochurim have nothing and nobody in the world, therefore I need to show them that they are not alone, they have Hashem.

Good night.

Schar Limud

בעזרת השם יתברך-יום ד', פ' ויחי, א טבת, שנת תשע"ט


Thanks to Hashem we have a cheder and school for our children; a place where they are taught from early childhood to have pure faith in Hashem. Likewise they are taught the concept of tefillah, that everything they need they should ask from him.

I'm still waiting for appreciation from you and your wife, for having a regular schedule on Chanukah; we had cheder and school the entire week unlike other places. I'm sure you benefited, but I haven't received a thank you yet. Yesterday Asarah Beteves, we had a full day when all the other mosdos sent the kids home early. I'm writing this so you realize and appreciate what we do for you, and in return see where you can help us out.

Shabbos is approaching, I have to pay the melamdim and teachers in order for them to cover their expenses. How can I keep the cheder and school open if not all parents pay tuition? How can I pay staff members, if the parents don't pick up the phone when our office tries to contact them, and paying tuition is a last priority on their list? Why shouldn't someone regard tuition as the most important expense? As our sages teach us (bietzah 16.) "כל מזונותיו של אדם קצובים לו מראש השנה ועד יום הכיפורים, חוץ מהוצאת שבתות והוצאת יום טוב, והוצאת בניו לתלמוד תורה; שאם פחת פוחתין לו, ואם הוסיף מוסיפין לו" On Rosh Hashonah it is determined how much money one will have throughout the year, but this does not include expenses for shabbos and yom tov, and neither for tuition. If one decreases these expenses, then it is decreed from heaven to diminish his livelihood, but if one increases money for this purpose, his livlihood is increased for him as well.

Have a good day.

Sholom Bayis

בעזרת השם יתברך ליל ד' פ' ויחי, אור לי"ב טבת, שנת תשע"ט


I beg of you my dear....... forget old grudges and stop holding your wife accountable for things that happened in the past. Stop saying to her "remember you hurt me then and then", "remember once upon a time you did this and this" ... First of all it is a transgression of the Torah, as it states in the pasuk (vayikra 25, 17) "ולא תונו איש את עמיתו, ויראת מאלקיך" and our sages say (bava metzia 58:) "אם היה בעל תשובה, אל יאמר לו "זכור מעשיך הראשונים" " don't ask a baal tshuvah "remember when you still committed sins?" Secondly, most important to the rebbe was התחדשות - a fresh start; let bygones be bygones and turn over a new page.

Go home, your wife is waiting for you. Spend time with her, talk to her, this is avodas Hashem! Stop wasting your nights with 'friends'. Heed my words: "People are selfish, they're only here for themselves, as long as they can get something from you, they will consider you as a friend. As soon as they decide that they have no use for you, they will be the first to destroy you.

I still have more to write, but I must go home. Good night.

Hischazkus, Mishnayos, Simcha


בעזרת השם יתברך-יום ג פ ויחי, י טבת שנת תשע"ט

Lekuvid my dear...... Talmid yeshivas Tiferes Hatorsh Breslev

I received your letter.

I'm happy to hear that your life changed for the better since you came into the yeshiva, you write that you received a new heart, and that from now you strive only to do good. This is exactly what happens when someone becomes מקורב to the rebbe, the holy rebbe takes his 'לב האבן' literally meaning heart of stone, and instead gives him a 'לב בשר' a good heart. As it says (yechezkel 36, 26) ונתתי לכם לב חדש ורוח חדשה אתן בקרבכם, והסרתי את 'לב האבן' מבשרכם ונתתי לכם 'לב בשר' " 'לב בשר' are the same letters as ברסל"ב (chai maharan siman 339).

Continue learning mishnayos every day and try to say חי פרקים, mishnayos had the power to eradicate the bad in a person and cleanse his soul. Mishnayos even has the power to save a person who has fallen into a deep pit of aveiros. Maharosh would say the acronym for 'העלית מן שאול נפשי' is משנה - simply meaning that when a person says mishnayos he is taken out of שאול תחתית.

I'm very happy to hear you have crawled out of your depression and you try extremely hard to be happy. The holy rebbe says (likutei maharan chelek 2, siman 25) "מצוה גדולה להיות בשמחה תמיד" it is a great mitzvah to always be happy, "ולהתגבר להרחיק העצבות והמרה שחרה בכל כוחו" and to try your utmost to get rid of your depression and misery, "וכל החולאת הבאין על   האדם, כלם באין רק מקלקול השמחה" all disease and sicknesses that afflict a person only come from depression and sadness. The rebbe says further "וגם חכמי הרופאים האריכו בזה, שכל החולאת הבאין על האדם, כלם באין רק מקלקול השמחה", even the doctors admit that all problems and sicknesses, result from not being happy, and simcha is a cure for everything. When a person is happy he relieves himself from all pain and suffering.

Regarding to that you feel unwanted and not important here in yeshiva; you should know this is just another tactic of the yetzer hora to demoralize a person and take him away from the tzaddik. He does it to everyone that wants to be מקורב to the rebbe.

Let me tell you a story that will give you great chizuk. When R' Yidel became close to the rebbe, people came to tell him that the rebbe is angry at him. R' Yidel did not know that this is all the yetzer horas doings, that the yetzer hora will try everything in the world to distance a person from the tzaddik. He was hesitant to go to the rebbe and ask him what is really going on. After 3 days like this, he couldn't bear not seeing the rebbe and thought to himself 'whatever will be will be, but I have to go see the rebbe'. The rebbe understood with ruach hakodesh what R' Yidel was going through, and when R' Yidel stepped into the rebbe's room the rebbe remarked "when a person comes to a place of שקר, אמת tries to win him over, but if the person stands strong and doesn't waver in the face of שקר, then 'שקר' turns to 'קשר'. The rebbe then concluded "you will now be connected to me your entire life".

You can see from this story how hard the yetzer hora tries to confuse a person with negative feelings and thoughts, his only goal is, that the person should leave the rebbe. Therefore one must daven and stay strong that שקר should become a קשר של קימא - an everlasting bond to the holy rebbe.


R' Nosson, Hischazkus, Teshuva


בעזרת השם יתברך-יום ג' פ' ויחי, י' טבת, שנת תשע"ט


A heartfelt thank you for donating the yartzeit seuda for R' Nosson z"l, may Hashem grant you success and blessing in all your endeavors.

The holy R' Nosson loved and tolerated every yid. Maharosh would tell the story of how there was a maskil in breslev who desecrated the shabbos publicly. He would officially write on shabbos rachmana litzlon. There was a time that he had a התעוררות to go to R' Nossons shalosh seudos. He entered the shul, his hands still dirty from the ink with which he was writing on shabbos, and immediately when people noticed they wanted to chase him out. R' Nosson wouldn't allow it, and instead he told his people "he certainly has a reason for coming, he is probably going through hard times etc." The yid continued coming to R' Nosson every week, and eventually did teshuvah and became a rightous person. R' Nosson would say in regard to this yid " I shall be able to accredit myself with him on the עולם האמת". This was R' Nosson, there was a special place in his heart for every single yid. He would say "compassion and kindness were most important by the rebbe; I will continue to endow the compassion from Hashem onto every jew, no matter who he is".

R' Nosson was once in discussion with his talmidim that one must use all his resources to be strong, because everyone has to battle extremely hard nisyonas (heavenly tests). He said "why was the holy R' Shimon Bar Yochai who he was? Only because he had a certain amount of hischazkus! Why was the Ari Hakodesh who he was? Because he had his amount of hischazkus! Why was the Baal Shem Tov the great person he was? Because he had the hischazkus he needed! Why was the holy rebbe who he was? Again, because he had the hischazkus! And why am I who I am? because I have the hischazkus!" We can learn from this that every tzaddik has his share of nisyonas and hardships, but only because they stayed strong and didn't let anything break them did they achieve there מדריגות ( levels in avodas Hashem).

Once again thank you for donating the seuda.

Krias Shema, Sholom Bayis, Tzedukeh


 בעזרת השם יתברך ליל א' פרשת ויחי אור לט' טבת שנת תשע"ט


   When your wife asks you for a few dollars to take a car service home because it's too cold for her to walk, why should you be so stingy and deny it to her? when it comes to your needs money doesn't play a role - you buy cartons of cigarettes and coffee every day etc. Let's not talk about all the wine you buy for shabbos, which costs a pretty penny; you don't sit down and think if you can afford it or not, so why when your wife asks for a few dollars do you make such a fuss??

   Our holy sages state ( chulin 84: ) "לעולם יאכל אדם וישתה פחות ממה שיש לו, וילבש ויתכסה במה שיש לו, ויכבד אשתו ובניו יותר ממה שיש לו", A person should save and spend less money on food then that is in his budget, and to clothe himself he should only spend how much is in his budget, but when it comes to his wife and children he should even spend more than he really has. And for a person which conducts himself in this manner the pasuk says, (tehillim 112, 5) "טוב איש חונן ומלוה יכלכל דבריו במשפט". I hope you won't be hurt, for telling you what to do. Believe me it's only because I have pity on you. More pity than all those who call themselves your 'good' friends. Heed my words and give your wife money to spend, if you want to save money save when it comes to your own needs.

Remember to say krias shema before going to sleep, and say to Hashem in your own words 'Hashem forgive me for whatever I did etc. I promise tomorrow i'll be erhlich (pious). Just a few words will get rid of all the דינים against you.

Good night.

R' Nosson, Hafutza, Likutei Halochos, Asher Banachal


בעזרת השם יתברך יום ג' פ' ויחי, צום עשרה בטבת, שנת תש"ע


Today is the yartzeit of the holy R' Nosson z"l. Each year by the yartzeit, Maharosh would awaken us anew to establish a daily shiur in likutei halachos. Maharosh would elaborate that once someone brought the sefer 'של"ה הקדוש' to R' Nosson, and R' Nosson remarked with the following words "by the world this sefer is a 'כל בו'-it entails everything. It includes halacha, mussar, Kabbalah etc. but my likutei halachos is the gan eden of Hashem". Whoever learns likutei halachos is strengthened in serving Hashem and nothing in the world could break his commitment.

Maharosh z"l used to say that his entire strength that kept him afloat during difficult times, when everyone was against him, was due to the fact that he had a steady shiur in likutei halachos. There was a time when Maharosh would finish likutei halachos every month; this was the time when Maharosh started writing letters for 'Asher Banachal' to which Maharosh referred to "all my letters and seforim are Hashem alone". Whoever learns the holy letters and pamphlets from Maharosh doesn't need gratification from this world, they start living with a true connection to Hashem which nothing can sever.

Therefore I want to be you mechazik, start learning Asher Banachal everyday. Asher Banachal is a compilation of the holy rebbe and R' Nossons teachings, it will strengthen you to daven 3 times a day with minyan; this will encourage you to learn mikra, mishna, gemara and halacha on daily basis, and it will awaken you and bring you back to our father in heaven.

I want to encourage you to take part in 'הפצה'-spreading the rebbes light to the entire world, you cannot fathom the greatness therein. Chazal say (Avos 5, 18) : "כל המזכה את הרבים אין חטא בא על ידו" 'whoever is מזכה another yid is saved from sin'. There is a fire burning and people are being harmed every day. Bochurim and girls are throwing away yiddishkeit; they refuse to listen to anyone anymore. Yet the rebbe does have a way to talk to their hearts, and the rebbe has a way to bring them back. Therefore by going הפצה and spreading the rebbes teachings we can save the entire generation.

Thanks to Hashem we are zoche to have a printing room in yeshiva where seforim and pamphlets are printed all day. When Maharosh visited the printing room for the first time he was extremely happy and he expressed himself "R' Nosson would have been very gladdened by such a printing room". Whenever there was a simcha or melave malka in yeshiva, Maharosh would request to see the printing room; this was his entire life to print and distribute the seforim to all.

My goal is to establish talmidim who should constantly have in mind 'how can I help another yid?' What can I do that my neighbor should have shalom bayis (harmony at home)? What can I do that another yid should know he can also learn? Each day when you wake up, start your day thinking 'what can I do today to help another yid?' take along CDs booklets, and seforim  wherever you go so if you meet someone you can infuse them with life.

Nowadays it is not embarrassing to distribute the seforim anymore. Everyone knows how much they accomplish and that they are the only way to save our, and future generations. Nowadays young girls and boys are spending hours glued to the internet, they watch inappropriate things which leads to inappropriate actions and aveiros rachmana litzlon. No one has a way to stop the catastrophe, but the עצות from the rebbe which  Maharosh taught us are the only way to save our generation.

Hashem should help you succeed in all your endeavors.


R' Nosson, Emunah, Negel Vasser


בעזרת השם יתברך פ' ויחי, צום עשרה בטבת, שנת תשע"ט


I received your letter.

Maharosh would say "every question is another קליפה. "Tzadikim would say ( tehillim 79, 10) "למה יאמרו הגוים", a goy says "למה"-why? And a yid says " I believe everything Hashem does, is accounted for".

Our duty is to do everything Hashem asks us to, without questions and without reasons. Hashem commands us to instill fear of heaven into our children; if we shall, we will then merit nachas. One is not allowed to then  question 'why by so and so did the children leave yiddishkeit rachmana litzlon, even though the parents did everything to instill in them fear of heaven?' In such situations one must not lesson his emunah- faith in the words of tzadikim.

At the last ladies gathering I told a story Maharosh would tell, how a woman came to the holy Steipler Goan z"l and cried bitterly over her children which had left yiddishkeit, and in general over the tzaar gidul banim she was going through. The Steipler Goan simply asked her: " Do you wash negel vasser every morning?" The woman became embarrassed and admitted 'no' she does not. The holy Steipler then asked her "so what do you want from me? if you don't wash negel vasser the tumuah from at night stays on your hands, and then whatever you touch becomes tumauh, resulting in the entire house being filled with tumuah rachmana litzlon. What can I do if you alone caused your suffering?" I told this story for it to be a chizuk to all the women they should be careful that their children prepare negel vasser before going to sleep, and not get out of bed without it. You write that after hearing this, you became extremely broken, and cried bitterly over your siblings; that your parents did everything in the world to have holy children, they washed negel vasser etc. and still several of them left yiddishkeit.

First of all, look at yourself. Why did your parents merit such a child like you? With such a strong emunah and tznius (modesty) etc. Secondly we  cannot question hashems ways; we have to do what we have to, and Hashem will do what is good in his eyes. Thirdly I ask you: be strong with all your כוחות to continue raising your children with holiness and purity. Don't let the yetzer hora break you, he will do anything to be able to take you away from your family.

Today is the yartzeit of the holy R' Nosson z"l, he would say "when I have all the tricks and plans how to battle the yetzer hora, he then comes to me with a new tactic, one I didn't even think is possible". This is the yetzer hora's way to cause pain and suffering uniquely to everyone.

Prepare negel vasser with simcha each night for your children, be careful with all the halachos and minhagim, and through this you will merit to build a beautiful home.

Chinuch, Sholom Bayis, Mishnayos, Limud HaTorah, Gemoroh, מעביר סדרה

בעזרת השם יתברך-ליל ג' פ' ויחי, אור לי"א טבת, שנת תשע"ט


Just imagine how famished your neshuma is when you fail to learn Torah...... Think of how you felt today when you fasted, you didn't have strength for anything, and all day your mind was focused on 'when can I break my fast already?' This is only when the גוף - the body fasts. In comparison when days and weeks go by, and the neshuma isn't fed and satisfied with Torah you cannot imagine how weak and exhausted the neshuma becomes.

Therefore I ask you, take a Chumash and be מעביר סדרה. Even though the custom is to refrain from learning mikra at night, if you learn it together with Rashi and Targum then it is permitted. Don't wait until Friday to finish the chumash, remember what our holy sages taught us "אל תאמר לכשאפנה אשנה, שמא לא תפנה" Don't say "when I'll have extra time and all will be settled, then I'll learn". NOW is the time to learn Torah.

You should continue with mishnayos - even if you don't understand the meaning, just say the words. Mishnayos has a great power to change a person 'מן הקצה אל הקצה' - even if a person is already trapped in his aveiros,  mishnayos can save him. The holy rebbe would say (sichas haran, siman 19) "even if a person is already lying in שאול תחתית, but he establishes a shiur for himself in mishnayos, and makes sure to learn כך וכך (a certain amount) every day, the koach of Torah will cleanse him and purify him.

Make sure also to learn a daf gemara. Our Sages z"l state (tosefta parah 4, 4) "רבי עקיבא אומר זמר בה תדירא - זמר", tzaddikim say this is an expression of severing, cutting off completely. When you learn Torah you sever all the קליפות that are created through your sins.

When you learn a daf gemara every day you merit to finish the entire shas after 7 years. We started learning shas 7 years ago, during the summer of 5772, iyh next year parshas vayigash we will finish the entire shas. We have already rented out the 'Crown Plaza Hotel' for shabbos vayigash 5780 in honor of the siyum. We will spend a beautiful shabbos together and celebrate the siyum hashas.

In Hichel Hakodesh it's not practical to celebrate every siyum;  someone who follows the 'seder derech halimud' - (the rebbe's directive of learning) could make a siyum every other day.... Even so, I want to make a special siyum hashas to encourage my talmidim to learn a daf a day. Maharosh quotes from the goan R' Sheftil z"l the son of the של"ה הקדוש, which he writes in his צוואה - (will) (at the end of sefer יש נוחלין) "learning a daf gemara every day is chiyuv just like tefillin".

Learn your shiur gemara at home; this will transform your home. When your wife will see you learning, she will respect you, and when your children will see it they will want to emulate you. Children naturally want to imitate their parents. If you learn, your children will learn, but if you spend your time playing with your phone, you can be sure your children will do the same.

I hope you read the letters I send you. Good night.

R' Nosson, Hafutza

בעזרת השם יתברך יום ב', פ' ויחי, ט' טבת, שנת תשע"ט


Tonight is the yartzeit of the holy R' Nosson z"l. Before R' Nosson passed away he said "עזרא הסופר is is leaving the world, and 'טריף פסול' (meaning ניאוף and אפיקורסוס) will dominate. Unfortunately nowadays there is an abundance of טריף פסול ; but, just one page of the rebbe's seforim is a tikkun for everything". And he left off with "your duty is to publish the seforim they should be 'יפוצו מעינתיך חוצה'; stay strong with 'money' with 'commitment' and don't let any aggravation stop you". (Ezra Hasofer passed away on asarah beteves, R' Nosson was hinting through this, that he has the neshuma of Ezra Hasofer.)

R' Nosson's yartzeit is the time to strengthen our commitment, to distribute the rebbe's seforim throughout the entire world. We have to be strong with money, with an unyielding will, and even be prepared to face aggravation at times. Someone can bring money to print the seforim, another could come and do the actual printing, and a third can distribute the seforim at peoples houses. Most importantly everyone should find a way HE can take part and spread hashems glory to the world.

R' Nosson's adversaries once challenged him by asking "what will you do when you arrive to עולם האמת and you are sent to gehinnom?" R' Nosson's reply was "I'll inform everyone I meet there, where the rebbe is, and send them all to him". This was the essence of R' Nosson, nothing was about him, his only objective was to inform more people, that there is a rebbe who can help them.

This is the resolution we have to make on such a day, that we will continue spreading the rebbe's light to the entire world.

May Hashem help you in all your endeavors.

No Pressure, Tehillim

בעזרת השם יתברך-יום א פרשת ויחי, ח טבת, שנת תשע"ט

... student of Bais Faiga Breslev

I received your letter.

I'm extremely pleased to hear that you say tehillim every day and now you finished the entire sefer for the first time. The holy Tzemach Tzedek z"l would say "if people would know the greatness of tehillim they would occupy themselves with it all day."

 Reference to your question that every time there is an עת רצון, or an opportunity for yeshuous you have immense pressure to utilize your time;    the eitzah for this is you should daven and ask Hashem that you shouldn't take pressure and you should be able to serve Hashem with simcha. The holy rebbe says (sichas haran 269) מה צריכין להתבלבל? איך שעושין עושין ובלבד שלא לעשות רע חס ושלום - nothing should be able to confuse you, the way you do it do it, just don't do ra-bad chas vesholom. And R' Nosson would say "my wish is to daven vesikin, but not like an angry lamdan." Meaning that even though on one hand vesikin is a great thing, but if it causes pressure and anger then its not hashems will.

   You have to be very careful not to take avodas Hashem as a pressure. When you feel anxious that you need to accomplish something, daven to Hashem 'Hashem help me I should always be happy and relaxed; I should be happy with whatever I do and with whatever I have. Help me dear father that when there is a yom tov or a different opportunity I shouldn't panic that I have to accomplish the world, help me Hashem that I should be able to use my time wisely without pressure. Constantly daven to Hashem this way and iyh you will see great results.

   If your name starts with a ג and ends with a ל  say the following pasuk at the end of shemonah esreh  'גאלנו ה' צבאות שמו קדוש ישראל' - Hashem should speedily redeem us from galus.

R' Nosson, Chazak, Chumash, Hisbodedus, Thanking Hashem

בעזרת השם יתברך-יום א פרשת ויחי ח' טבת שנת תשע"ט‎


With hashems help we finish this week sefer bereishis, we shall say 'chazak chazak venischazak'; how fortunate for the person which learns a little chumash and Rashi every day, and by the end of the week he finishes the entire Parsha.

‎This weeks parsha starts with ויחי יעקב- yaakov lived. Maharosh explains, Yaakov avinu was always happy and uplifted despite all his suffering- His suffering with Eisav, with Lavan, with Rochel, with Dinah and lastly with Yosef. Although he had many hardships throughout his life he was constantly happy and only focused on the positive. He lived life to its fullest.

‎If you really want a way out of your own suffering heed the words of the holy R' Nosson "when a person complains about his lot Hashem takes notice and says: 'look at this person, look how much he has going for him and he still finds reason to complain, I'll show him what suffering really means'. Now when a person thanks and praises Hashem, Hashem says: 'look at this person he has nothing, yet he still is happy and appreciative, I'll show him what good means'! And ultimately such a person is zocheh to a good life.

And to you I say the same; it's true that you are going through hard times and it is just getting worse and worse, but surely there are things that are good and positive in your life. Hashem is waiting for you to thank and praise him for all he gives you.

‎This doesn't mean you shouldn't continue asking and davening to Hashem for the things that are important and bothering you, of course you should continue to daven and beg Hashem for a yeshua. But, why shouldn't you also take notice of the many benefits that you do have? why don't you submit to Hashem and believe that he certainly knows what is best for you? we say Hashem is טוב ה' לכל ורחמיו על כל מעשיו , ( tehillim 145, 9) he is good to all, and his compassion is over all his creations. If you accept hashems will, Hashem then will fulfill your wishes.

‎Tomorrow night is the yartzeit seuda of the holy R' Nosson Z"l. Take a glimpse at his life, he was persecuted throughout. Even in Breslev he was oppressed, he had difficulties with all his children, and despite everything he would always say "I have great blessings" he only thanked and praised Hashem, and his only wish was to be able to strengthen another yid.

How fortunate for us that we have such a rebbe with such talmidim.