Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a

Chizuk For Girls

בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ד' פ' בשלח, י' שבט, שנת תשע"ט

….. Student of Bais Faiga Breslev

I received your letter.

I am very pleased to hear you only befriend girls who use refined speech, and when you hear another girl use ניבול פה, or someone texts you with foul language, you sever your contact with her, or reply you want to end the relationship. I reread your letter a few times, it makes me very proud that in ‘Bais Faiga‘ we only have students, who aspire to be holy.

It is a great pity on girls who watch movies behind their parent’s backs; they think they are fooling only their parents, but at the end of the day, they will suffer the consequences their entire life. When one watches inappropriate movies Rachmana Litzlon, they are harmed for life; this propels them to bad decisions which are dangerous for them ברוחניות ובגשמיות.

I suggest you show this letter to the girl who told you that she has a laptop, and watches movies all night; she should realize that she is only hurting herself by watching movies secretly; she thinks this will bring her joy, but it is just the opposite, she will only become more depressed.

In conclusion: you remain strong, and only befriend Ehrliche girls; Baruch Hashem, all your classmates are Ehrlich, socialize with them.

May Hashem help you succeed in all your endeavors.



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ד' פ' בשלח, י' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


מי שגמלך כל טוב היא יגמלך כל טוב סלה

Thank and praise Hashem for the miracle he granted you, that you were saved from such an accident; take it upon yourself to refrain from engaging in dangerous activities, and you will soon find your Shidduch.

Heed my words and do not apply for motorcycle license; Maharosh was very against it. It is a very dangerous sport, and it is not worth to risk your life for a few minutes of pleasure.

Regarding your aunt etc.; you stay in the sidelines, and don’t get involved. I beg you: never hurt another Yid. Even if he isn’t right, he refuses to give a Get, and he duped your aunt etc.; don’t take any reckless actions. Especially in this case, where it is no concern of yours. If you really want to help your aunt, Daven for her, and for all Klal Yisroel, that their suffering should come to an end.

You have experienced the taste of ‘Ungarishe Vein’ (see Chai Maharan, 260) since you came to the Rebbe; thus, utilize the שכל the Rebbe granted you, and don’t be busy trying to save the world; instead focus on learning Torah and doing Mitzvohs. Make sure to learn ח"י Perakim Mishnayos daily, and many Dafim Gemara; by doing so you will merit peace of mind; it will remind you that we are only here for a short while, and soon we’re returning our souls to our creator; it’s foolish to be busy with another’s concerns.

May Hashem help you succeed in everything you do.


#68 - SET ASIDE TIME TO SAY 'תיקון הכללי' EVERY DAY.
Tikun Haklali

בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ג' פ' בשלח, ט' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


Remember to say the 'תיקון הכללי' every day; the ten Kapitlech in Tehillim which the Rebbe revealed to us for Tikkun Habris. (Kapitel – ט"ז, ל"ב, מ"א, מ"ב, נ"ט, ע"ז, צ', ק"ה, קל"ז, ק"נ)

The holy Rebbe says (Likutei Maharan, Chelek 1, 29): תיקון הכללי has the power to bring Parnassah and Yeshuous. How long does it take to say ten Kapitlech of Tehillim? Isn’t it a worthy investment? Therefore, make it your routine to say it every day after Davening. When you reach Kapitel ע"ז, and say the Pasuk of "קולי 'אל אלקים'" concentrate on the שמות (אל"ף למ"ד, אל"ף למ"ד ה"י יו"ד מ"ם).

Keep a תיקון הכללי in your Tallis bag, one which includes the שמות from 'קל אלקים' with the מילוי, as the Rebbe said (Likutei Maharan, Chelek 1, Siman 205): “One should keep the שמות in mind while saying תיקון הכללי”; Maharosh requested we print the שמות by the words of 'קל אלקים', one should concentrate on it over there. Through doing so, you will merit to rectify your sins, and earn Parnassah with ease.

I beg you; flee from ליצנות as one flees from the מלאך המות! The מלאך המות cannot do as much harm to a person as ליצנות can. ליצנות destroys a person. Machlokes and arguments that break out between Yidden are only caused by לצים.

Shlomo Hamelech said (Mishlei 22, 10): “Banish the לץ, and you will get rid of all strife and arguments.” There is no greater danger than having a relationship with a לץ. Who falls into this category? Anyone who denigrates Ehrliche Yidden. When you hear someone slandering an Ehrliche Yid, stay far far away from him. People who mock Ehrliche Yidden are Baalei Aveira and Baalei Gaavah, and when these two elements merge; Aveira and Gaavah, the result is a לץ. As Shlomo Hamelech states (Mishlei 21, 24): "זד"- one who sins, "יהיר"- and one who is conceited, "לץ שמו"- his title is לץ. He doesn’t want to accept Mussar, therefore, he scorns and ridicules the holy Torah and the Ehrliche Yidden who teach it.

By absorbing these words, you will merit blessing on this world and the next.


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ב' פ' בשלח, ח' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


Stay strong dear brother; don’t despair; this too will eventually pass.

I know you are going through a hard phase; Hashem is testing you with a difficult Nisoyan; remember though, what the holy Rebbe told R’ Nosson (Sichas Haran 300): “Everything that happens is – למען הבחירה והנסיון”; meaning, every challenge is a trial, to see to whom the person will turn in times of despair.

Listen to what I advise you; take a Tehillim and say a Kapitel; you’ll see, everything will change. The holy Rebbe said (Chai Maharan 485): “A Kapitel Tehillim is comparable to a refreshing drink”; when a person is parched on a hot day, he will grab a glass of cold water to quench his thirst; likewise, when one is floundering in despair, a Kapitel Tehillim is his comfort, and will bring him salvation.

Remember to read Krias Shema before going to sleep; R’ Nosson would say (Likutei Halachos, Krias Shema Shel Hamitah, Halacha 2): “When one reads Krias Shema before going to sleep at night, and is מתוודה his Aveiros; Hashem forgives him for all his sins.”

Good night.



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ב' פ' בשלח, ח' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


I’ve heard your cry, and seen your suffering over your financial struggles; however, remember: Parnassah comes from Hashem; worries are futile.

Chazal state (Berachos 4:): “Whoever recites 'תהלה לדוד' three times a day is guaranteed Oilam Haba.” The Tefilla of 'תהלה לדוד' is written according to the Aleph-Beis, and has a Tefilla for Parnassah in the middle; this seems difficult to understand; what is the connection between saying a Tefilla written according to the Aleph-Beis, and a Tefilla on Parnassah, with Oilam Haba? R’ Nosson explains (Likutei Halachos, Krias Shema, Halacha 5, 4) “When one accustoms himself to talk to Hashem using all the Aleph-Beis, and sing Tefillos of praise to Hashem, he merits to become a righteous person.” When one is righteous, he conducts himself with Ehrlichkeit and holiness, he ultimately merits Oilam Haba. Likewise, when one internalizes the fact, that Parnassah comes only from Hashem; as we say "ואתה" – and you Hashem, "נותן להם" – grant all, "את אכלם בעתו" – their sustenance at the right moment, such a person, with an unwavering faith is also Zoche to Oilam Haba.

Therefore, dear brother; place your trust in Hashem. Why should you feel so despondent? How will despair help you? Just look how weary you become; instead reinforce your faith in Hashem, and review the following words “ממלא כל עלמין, וסובב כל עלמין, אין שום מציאות מבלעדיך כלל, ובכל תנועה ותנועה שם אלופו של עולם"; this translates as “Everything that happens comes from Hashem, and Hashem is everything that happens, there is no survival without him, and he is hidden in everything in the world”; if you constantly boost your faith with these words, your situation will become easier, and your spirits uplifted; happiness breeds success; once you will be happy, you will automatically be more successful.

May Hashem help you succeed in all your endeavors.

Limud HaTorah


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום א' פ' בשלח, ז' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


Don’t wait until Friday to start being מעביר סדרה, instead begin on Sunday, continue on Monday, and so on, and by the end of the week you will be done with the entire Parsha.

Your week will feel different when you learn some Chumash and Rashi every day; the Baal Hatanya z”l said: “A Yid must live in the present”, meaning one must live with the weekly Parsha. He must learn some Chumash and Rashi daily, and find encouragement therein for his challenges.

Set aside a time every day to learn some Mishnayos; Mishnayos cleanses a person from his Aveiros, and propels him to higher levels in Avodas Hashem. The holy Beis Yosef would learn forty, or even fifty Perakim Mishnayos at once; in this Zechus he merited a heavenly Malach who came and learned Torah with him.

Dear….! Run away from Machlokes! There is nothing that is so despised by Hashem as Machlokes; especially between us; Talmidei Hichel Hakodesh; we came to the Rebbe for one reason; he should help us with our problems, and struggles; therefore, we must be vigilant, and not let the Yetzer Hora interfere, because all he wants is to make us lose this world and the next.

We must fulfill what the holy Rebbe requested (Chai Maharan 292): “The world will marvel at the intense love you have for one another.” This is what Maharosh would constantly review and repeat; this is what I guaranteed Maharosh, and I will sacrifice everything to keep that promise; between us there will only be שלום ושלוה.

If you want to bring me pleasure, come and share your Siyumim with me; yesterday evening by Melave Malka, all the Bochurim and Yingeleit related what they gained through the holy Rebbe. There was a Yid here from England who came specially to spend a Shabbos in Hichel Hakodesh; he made a Siyum on Mishnayos and Mesechtas Sukkah; his face shone with the Simcha of a Bar Mitzva Bachur, when he starts his adult life. Another Bochur finished Mishnayos for the seventh time; he disclosed that before he knew about the Rebbe, he always found excuses why not to learn; now, while penning this letter, I received a txt from a Yid who finished Mesechtas Taanis for the forty-eighth time, and Mishnayos for the eighty-ninth. This invigorates me to continue achieving.

See what one can merit when they listen to the holy Rebbe.

May hashem help you succeed in all your endeavors.

#64 - THE GREATNESS OF A בזיון.


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום א' פ' בשלח, ז' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


I hope you experienced a joyous Shabbos; we had a beautiful Shabbos, Baruch Hashem.

On Shabbos morning, during the Shiur in ספר פעולת הצדיק (Siman 216), we discussed the Rebbe’s journey to Eretz Yisroel; the Rebbe saw with his רוח הקודש that he will be Niftar on the way, in the city of Istanbul. He therefore accepted with humility the terrible בזיונות he received there, in order to remove the decree.

What we can learn from this is, when one undergoes נסיונות, or he has Machlokes or בזיונות etc. he should accept it with love; because through humiliation one can eliminate even the harshest decrees.

We spoke about the two Yingeleit who degraded the Rebbe, without knowing who he was. (ספר פעולת הצדיק, סימן 217) Once they got home they received a letter from the Rebbe’s Talmid R’ Yitzchok, and only then did they realize that the person they shamed was the holy Rebbe. They were filled with dread, and the individual who treated the Rebbe with greater disrespect immediately died. We discussed how careful one must be with the feelings of another. One can never know who someone is, and even if their opinions differ, one may never hate another Yid. When the Yingerman hounded the Rebbe and said “you must reveal to me who you are, and why you are traveling to Eretz Yisroel; if you will tell me you will have great benefits”; the Rebbe simply replied “I don’t need any benefits from you; if anything, you will benefit from me”. And the Rebbe then begged him “I cannot disclose the reason I am undertaking this journey; however, I implore: please, even if you don’t understand the purpose, we can still live together in harmony.” Even if there are multiple opinions between Anshei Shlomeinu, it is not a reason to argue, and certainly not to hurt another. During the Shiur I thought of you; it’s such a shame you were not Zoche to hear such important thoughts.

I hope you will be strengthened in the following two objectives; firstly, thatבזיונות  are only here to help a person achieve greater heights; secondly, "מה טוב ומה נעים שבת אחים גם יחד", (Tehillim 133); even when there are diverse views on certain issues, we can still live together in peace. Likewise, when one encounters another Yid who has a different מורה דרך, he should not start an argument over such frivolities; there are so many other topics they could discuss which they both agree on.

Before I end this letter, I still want to ask you a personal question: “Have you done something yet today to help another Yid? Did you take the trouble to enrich another Yid’s life with the עצות of the holy Rebbe? Did you do something today to bring another Yid closer to Hashem?”

Make a firm resolution, from today onwards, ‘I will start accomplishing for other Yidden.’ Especially during such a meaningful time; Maharosh’s Yartzeit is this week Tuesday. We will Iy”h gather for a Yartzeit Seuda in Yeshiva; it will be a 'כינוס המפיצים'; to appreciate how Maharosh gave away his entire life for other Yidden, and follow his example.

Good night.



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום א' פ' בשלח, ז' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


I received your letter.

I beg you: be careful with your health; your children need a father who will raise them. If the doctor said you have diabetes, and warned you to refrain from eating sugar etc. don’t take it lightly.

Remain joyous and uplifted with all your strength; the holy Rebbe said (Likutei Maharan, Chelek 2, Siman 24): "מצוה גדולה להיות בשמחה", it is a great Mitzva to always be happy, and one should get rid of his misery and depression, "וכל החולאת הבאין על האדם, כולם באין רק מקלקול השמחה", disease and  sickness only afflict a person because he is miserable or depressed. The Rebbe continues “even the doctors admit that all the problems or illnesses people suffer from, stem only from unhappiness, and Simcha is a Refuah for everything. When a person is happy his problems resolve.

You write that you have a hard time losing weight and therefore become disheartened and depressed; do you really think that will help the situation? It will only worsen it.

Be careful what you eat; even Shabbos and Yom Tov when it is a Mitzva to eat, one must still guard his health. The most vital thing to you should be your health.

Don’t despair; Hashem is with you. Open your mouth and just talk to him; empty your heart to him, and you will witness miracles.

I’m waiting to hear that you made a Siyum on Mishnayos, or on the Rebbe’s Seforim.



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום א' פ' בשלח, ז' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


I hope you enjoyed the Shabbos you spent here, and you received התחזקות to continue spreading the Rebbe’s עצות and encouragement in England.

It is essential for you to find a way to bolster your spirits; even if you are now going through your own personal struggles. I am also undergoing extremely hard times, which only Hashem is aware of. However, I remain strong, and try to inspire others.

You surely saw over Shabbos how many shiurim I relay; Friday night I have Bochurim over until late; Shabbos morning I give a Shiur in ספר פעולת הצדיק; after Davening I give another Shiur in Sippurei Maasos; then there is Shalosh Seudas, and Avos Ubonim; immediately afterwards there is the Shiur Gemara on the Daf Bavli and Yerushalmi; Melave Malka then follows; this is all accomplished despite everything I’m going through. No one even realizes the difficulties I face etc.; nevertheless, I continue with all my strength, and I persevere with the עצות of the holy Rebbe.

This Shabbos I davened and beseeched Hashem, he should give me the strength to continue illuminating the world with the Rebbe’s עצות; do the same, don’t take notice of naysayers; you continue distributing the גליונות to all the Shuls in your area. You cannot imagine how important this is by Hashem; Hashem has no greater pleasure than someone who tries to save others from their sins.

I have more to write to you, however, I must go to the Bochurim who are waiting for me.

May Hashem help you succeed in everything you do.




בעזרת ה' יתברך-ערב שבת קודש פ' בא, ה' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


As Shabbos approaches let your mind unwind and remember the reason for your existence. On Shabbos there is no bank, no money, no stress; it is the time to nourish your Neshumah. The holy Zohar refers to Shabbos as (Parshas Vayakahal 205) "האי יומא, יומא דנשמתין הוא ולא יומא דגופא", Shabbos is a day of rest for the נשמה, and not for the גוף.

Thus, on Shabbos Daven with Minyan; rejoice with beautiful Seudas, and remember to remain upbeat the entire Shabbos. Through doing so you will merit abundance, as Chazal state (Bereishis Raba 11, 1) in reference to the Pasuk in Mishlei (10, 22) “If one honors and keeps the holy Shabbos, and rejoices throughout Shabbos, then he will merit great wealth.

Begin learning the Daf Gemara today; your life will be transformed; you will start sensing an inner happiness and peace; something you have never felt before. Every time one merits to learn Torah, his self-esteem grows; Aveiros cause a person to feel worthless, they cause one to start having foolish thoughts, Rachmana Litzlon; but when one delves into the Torah, he feels an inner gratification and contentment.

Shabbos is the time when one can relieve some of the stress he has to deal with all week; Chazal say (Tana Dabai Eliyahu, Perek 1): “A person should wake up Shabbos morning, and go to Shul to learn and Daven; only then should he go home and eat the Seuda;” in order to bring pleasure to Hashem, one must learn Torah. On Shabbos when you don’t have to worry about your business and bills; seize the opportunity to learn some Torah.

Have a good Shabbos.



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ה' פ' בא, ד' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


Be careful not to talk during Davening; especially in a Breslever Shul.

It hurts me to hear that you converse throughout the entire Davening; the holy Zohar cites (Parshas V’eschanan 266): “Woe to one who talks while Davening; with this act he severs his connection to Hashem; woe to him that he abandons his faith, and he forfeits his Chelek באלוקי ישראל. With his behavior he demonstrates he doesn’t believe in Hashem, and doesn’t believe in Hashem’s presence in Shul; through his conduct he displays his disrespect to Hashem.” This must awaken a person to the severity of talking during Tefilla.

Once one has children it is even more crucial to use caution in this aspect. If children see their father schmoozing during Davening, the entire concept of Tefilla loses it’s value to them, and they will eventually stop Davening all-together.

I beg you: take it upon yourself to refrain from talking during Davening; in this merit you will see great blessings.

Have a good day.

Sholom Bayis


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ה' פ' בא, ד' שבט, שנת תשע"ט

To my dear……

A Yid once came to the holy Tzemach Tzedek of Lubavitch, and lamented on the fact that his wife treats him in a patronizing manner; she degrades and shames him. The holy Tzaddik replied: “It states in the holy Torah (Bereishis 3, 17) "ואל אישך תשוקתך, והוא ימשל בך", Hashem told Chavah; you will have a strong desire for your husband, but he will preside over you. The Tzemach Tzedek explained “this goes hand by hand; if you exchange the two, and the husband desires the wife, then the wife becomes the superior, and the husband the inferior.”

If you will chase after your wife etc. then she will rule over you; but if you will immerse yourself in Torah, Tefilla, and especially הפצה then she will respect you.

I hope you understand what I am insinuating; if you conduct yourself righteously then you will merit a blessed life.

I will continue this conversation in person.



Appreciation, Chizuk For Girls


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ד' פ' בא, ג' שבט, שנת תשע"ט

…. student of Bais Faiga Breslev

I don’t really comprehend the reason for your tears; why should you cry when Hashem bestows you with so many blessings every day? One could think you are undergoing extreme hardships; Baruch Hashem, you are healthy, you come from a wonderful home, you have dear parents, and you are beloved between your classmates at school; aren’t those good reasons to jump for joy, and stop your unnecessary tears?

You must stop crying and complaining, and start thanking Hashem for the many miracles he does with you. The holy Rebbe says (Likutei Maharan chelek 1, siman 2): “Tefilla is comparable to a sword, and this is a Yid’s weaponry. Whoever merits this weapon, must know how to maximize it’s potential; one must hold it securely in the center, not allow it to bend left or right.” Maharosh explains: just as one is on the battlefield; he must know the correct use of his weapon; likewise, with tefilla, one must know how to Daven to Hashem. Initially one should thank and praise Hashem, and through doing so, the person will then enter a mindset of appreciation and gratitude. One must remember that there are people not as privileged as he, and if those people find reasons to be happy, he certainly could too. By following this path, of first praising and only then Davening for his personal needs, he will be utilizing his weapon to its utmost. One shouldn’t say though “it is none of my concerns that another is less fortunate than me; how can I apply that as a benefit?” By realizing that others are not as blessed as him; he will be more thankful to Hashem for the miracles he does receive.

Therefore, cease crying and look at the wonders you do have; you aren’t lacking in any aspects; except the realization: ‘Hashem controls every small detail that occurs to everyone.’ Open your eyes to your wealth; Maharosh quotes from the Sefer Medrash Shmuel that ע'ש'י'ר' is an acronym for: "ע'ינים, ש'נים, י'דים, ר'גלים"; when one has his eyesight, the ability to eat, hands and feet, then he is the richest man on the planet. Think of the many Yidden who don’t have the capacities you do; they are Rachmana Litzlon blind, deaf, lame, and paralyzed. 

Start your morning by thanking Hashem; express your gratitude for your eyesight; hearing; sense of smell; and ability to talk. Thank Hashem aloud for your arms and legs, and your ability to move with ease. Once you recognize the miracles Hashem granted you; not only will you find happiness, you will also lighten up your surroundings, and bring joy to your parents and friends.

I hope you will absorb my words; they will benefit you on this world and the next.

Reread this letter every day.



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ד' פ' בא, ג' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


Put everything aside and go home to your children; this should be your first priority.

The holy R’ Nosson would say “the Chinuch of my children is as valuable to me as Tikkun Chatzos.” R’ Nosson had a strong desire to go to bed early, to enable himself to rise for Tikkun Chatzos. Once he had a household of children, he put everything aside, and dedicated himself to them. He would teach them Berachos, read krias Shema with them, and prepare Negel Vasser; all this would restrict him from going to sleep early, but to him this was just as important as his Tikkun Chatzos.

A child whose parents lovingly remind him to read Krias Shema daily, before going to sleep, will have an easier time to remember to say Krias Shema his entire life.

Remember despite their young age, children understand and absorb everything they see; if one wishes to merit Nachas, he must behave himself with Yiras Shomayim. A child who sees that his father is a sample of Yiras Shomayim, he prepares Negel Vasser before bedtime; he recites Krias Shema; he doesn’t raise his voice, or use coarse language, then he too will be Ehrlich. The child will then try to emulate his parents, and read Krias Shema, and prepare Negel Vasser, and always use refined speech.

Good night.



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ד' פ' בא, ג' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


The holy Rebbe says (Likutei Maharan chelek 1, siman 169): “The core reason one sins in פגם הברית is, because he feels miserable and depressed.”

Depression only brings misfortune to a person, therefore be happy with a strong determination, and push away the misery from yourself. Don’t fool yourself; self-doubt and feelings of uncertainty, don’t originate from the Kedushah. Thoughts whether you are worthy in Hashem’s eyes; thoughts whether you will have a Tikkun or not; these are not holy thoughts, this is a trap of the Yetzer Hora to distance a person from Hashem.

Instead of thinking of yourself, or speculating if you are worthy or not, put your ego aside and start doing Avodas Hashem. Regardless of your current status; whether you are feeling significant at the moment. What difference does it make? Instead of feeling worthless and agonizing for days after Chas Vesholom committing an Aveira, instead of becoming depressed, have Hashem on your mind, and find ways to continue bringing pleasure to him.

The holy Rebbe said (Chai Maharan 453): “Even if I would transgress on the greatest Aveira; it would not break my spirit; I would continue being as Ehrlich as I was; and I would immediately do teshuvah.” One must not let himself be demoralized from anything in the world; even if he occasionally stumbles; one should not be influenced by his failings, instead one must continue serving Hashem, and do Teshuvah for his Aveira.

Go to Shul and Daven with Minyan; don’t keep pushing it off for later; don’t start your day before you don Tallis and Tefillin.

Good day.

Mishnayos, Limud HaTorah


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ג' פ' בא, ב' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


Have you opened a sefer yet today? Have you listened to the holy Rebbe who requested us (Sichas Haran, 23) To “eat a perek Mishnayos, and drink a kapitel Tehillim?” have you opened a Mishnayos and said a perek yet??

As soon as you finish reading this letter, take a Mishnayos and say at least one perek. Even if you don’t understand what you are saying; continue learning without comprehending. This cleanses a person from his aveiros. When one starts learning Mishnayos, his speech becomes pure, and he starts weighing his words. Halacha dictates that a beheima which "פיה דומה לשל חזיר"- her mouth resembles the mouth of a chazir, is a baalas mim. (Rambam 2,2) Likewise, one who isn’t careful with his language, his mouth is unclean, shows what kind of a person he really is. Thus, I beg you: “set aside your cell phone for a few minutes, and take a Mishnayos in its place. Say at least one perek, and through doing so you will eliminate your sins.”

Be careful not to use ניבול פה; you once had all the chein in the world, but since you relinquished control over your mouth, and your language is hefker, you lost all your chein.

The holy Rebbe cites (Sefer Hamiddos, אות חן) Whoever desires to acquire chein – then "ישמר את פיו מדבור אסור", he should guard his mouth from forbidden speech. Instead of bantering with friends, go home and converse with your wife, give her encouragement, and listen to how her day was.

Chazal state (Tannis 10:) in regard to the pasuk in (Melachim beis, 2, 11) "ויהי המה הלכים הלוך ודבר, והנה רכב אש וסוסי אש ויפרדו בין שניהם". "טעמא דאיכא דיבור, הא ליכא דיבור – ראויין לישרף" ‘Fortunate for one with a pleasant speech; because they spoke they weren’t burned.’ A husband and wife must communicate with each other; they must be open to dialogue with each other, and not keep hurt or resentment bottled up inside. Blessed is one that conducts himself in this manner; and one who does not will suffer the consequences.

One more request; please find time for הפצה; through spreading the Rebbe’s light you will have a share in bringing Moshiach.

Good night.

Sholom Bayis


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ג' פ' בא, ב' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


I received your letter.

Forgive me for not replying immediately; I was distracted with other responsibilities.

I sent your wife a letter yesterday afternoon; I then received another letter from her asking why I didn’t reply to you yet; she is right, I should have replied a while ago.

I beg you; stay strong dear……, and strengthen your wife. When a woman goes through hardships and suffering, her husband is her sounding board for her pain, and broken heart. Thus, a husband must be careful to keep his composure, and not display despair, even if he also believes there is nothing to do to help the situation. He must continue encouraging her with all his strength, even if it seems she doesn’t accept it, and his words are in vain.

Therefore, I beg you dear……; when your wife cries to you; listen and comfort her. Explain in the simplest terms that Hashem is here, with you in your pain, and everything that happens has an exact accounting for.

It is useless to torment oneself, with thoughts of death. When the minute one must return his soul to Hashem arrives, there is nothing one can do to change it. It is futile to agonize with such worries and fears; instead turn on lively music, this will chase away senseless phobias. The Rebbe states (Sefer Hamiddos, אות פחד) "מי שיש לו פחדים, יזמר זמר של שמחה", one who is frightened, should sing songs of simcha, and thereby dispel all his fears.

It would be advisable for you to print a chelek of Asher Banachal; you could give the money to the messenger who delivers this letter. Maharosh would request five hundred dollars for the zchus of printing Asher Banachal.

I’m davening for you and your wife; I’m eagerly awaiting to hear that your situation has improved.


Limud HaTorah


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ג' פ' בא, ב' שבט, שנת תשע"ט

To my dear…..

Thank you for your donation for the rent; in the merit of tzedakah may you be blessed in everything you do.

I want to encourage you to attend the Gemara shiur every morning; especially now that you are married, make sure to come daily.

It is essential for a yingerman to rise early to learn Torah, and it is a segulah for shalom bayis. It brings chein to a person, as we see in Mishlei (Mishlei 5, 19) "אילת אהבים ויעלת חן", and Chazal elaborate (Eiruvin 54:): "שמעלת חן על לומדיה"- one who learns Torah, is blessed with chein.

Therefore, strengthen your commitment, and continue coming every morning to the shiur on the daf Gemara; my entire energy for my day is from the daf Bavli and Yerushalmi; once I finish giving over the two shiurim, I feel I have accomplished my share for the day.

I’m waiting to see you again in the morning; this is a precious stage of your life; when you can learn Torah with a pure mind. 



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ג' פ' בא, ב' שבט, שנת תשע"ט

To my dear….

I was amazed after testing your talmidim yesterday; the clarity they had in the Gemara and Rashi was astounding. I was so impressed with their middos, simcha and respect. I could see the dedication and hard work you invest in them. I want to strengthen you to continue with your holy work; continue raising them with emunah and yiras shomayim.

While teaching children envision as if you are talking to grown adults – gedolei yisroel; through doing so you will succeed in teaching them the most possible.

Dance with the children every day; this creates a happy atmosphere in the class, and the boys will then have an easier time grasping the concepts taught.

Thank you for your donation for the rent; in the merit of tzedakah may you succeed in everything you do.


Social Media


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ג' פ' בא, ב' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


I beg you; unsubscribe from all your foolish groups, and chats, which send you clips from ליצנות etc.

The holy Rebbe said (Sefer Hamiddos, אות ממון) "המתלוצץ – מזונותיו מתמעטין", one that ridicules anything holy, loses his parnassah. The numerous senseless videos you watch, are the cause you are struggling so hard to earn a living. Therefore, my dear…., unsubscribe yourself from these groups and you will merit abundance.

Be extra careful not to bring home your phone, if you can watch unsavory things on it. The Rebbe says (Sefer Hamiddos, אות ממון) "מאיסותא דביתא מביא לידי עניות", the malach which brings poverty is called נבל; (Pesachim 111:), when he encounters a home which is not pure; there is inappropriate material to be found there, he then afflicts that home with poverty. What is worse than having an unfiltered cellphone or tablet etc. at home, with which one can rummage in the worst garbage, rachmana litzlon? Of course, the brocha leaves such a home!

Daven to Hashem for a pure mind; it should be your own desire to close the groups that send you things a Yid is prohibited to see.

Have a good day.



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ג' פ' בא, ב' שבט, שנת תשע"ט

To my dear beloved chassan….

Mazel tov to your shidduch! Realize what one merits when he has patience and bitachon; after waiting so many years for your shidduch, you merited such a dear kallah and such a beautiful family. Always remember; if one has סבלנות he eventually merits great things.

Once you get married, remember how הפצה changed your life, and perpetuate it. Remember how הפצה  extricated you from your situation etc. now it is your turn to rescue other Yidden from their aveiros. There is no greater shame, than one who sins, rachmana litzlon.

If you take הפצה for your parnassah, you will merit abundance.

If only all my Talmidim would engage in הפצה, we would have the opportunity to reawaken every Yid to Hashem, and play a role in bringing Moshiach. As in the following niggun "על ידי הפצת ספרי רבינו, נביא את משיח צדקינו", במהרה בימינו, אמן.

Thank you for your donation for the rent; in the merit of tzedakah may you be blessed in all your endeavors. 


Emunah, Anxiety


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ב' פ' בא, ראש חודש שבט, שנת תשע"ט


I received the two letters you sent me.

Your salvation lies in your own hands; there is a way for you to extricate yourself from your painful situation, but you must first surrender yourself entirely to Hashem.

Hashem gave you such a wonderful life, you have a dear husband who is ehrlich, and has yiras shomayim. He learns and is blessed with good middos; you have beautiful children; why don’t you take notice of the many blessings Hashem grants you? Why are you constantly thinking of a dark future, illnesses, confusion, and death? This drives you to baseless fears, until your life comes to a stop.

The reality is, your redemption depends only in yourself. Revise the following frequently, ‘nothing can happen to me, without Hashem’s consent. I’m alive, only because Hashem granted me life to exist, and every breath I take, comes from Hashem. Everything I possess is only from Hashem.’

The more you reinforce your faith in Hashem, the sweeter and easier your life will be. Every time a frightening, or negative thought enters your mind, don’t push it away – that will just intensify your fear, instead, verbalize it, and share your angst with Hashem.

You write, that since your ……a”h passed away, you live with a dread that you might also contract the same sickness and die, Hashem Yerachem. Whenever such a thought enters your mind, instead of panicking, say to Hashem “Hashem protect me and help me, I shouldn’t develop any illnesses.” Instead of suppressing the thought, direct it as a tefilla to Hashem. As the Rebbe teaches (Likutei Maharan, chelek 1, siman 72) The more one tries to banish negative thoughts, the stronger they become. As soon as one has a bad מחשבה, he should immediately transform it into a tefilla.

I am sending you a tefilla to say every day; instead of waking your husband up at night, when all he can do is cry along with you; say this tefilla, and iy”h you will have a complete recovery.

“Hashem, help me be happy; help me not become influenced by my frightening thoughts which give me no peace. My strength is ebbing; I cannot concentrate on anything, and have no energy to my husband and children. My negative thoughts have taken me captive.

Hashem, you are the one that grants wisdom and understanding; help me conquer the yetzer hora, who has taken my mind hostage; I should start seeing the blessings in my life.

יודע מחשבות הושיעה נא! Help me dear father, I should be healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally; I should be able to think logically, and realize there is no one besides you, who controls what happens to me.

Hashem help me merit the brocha from the holy Torah (Devarim 7, 15) "והסיר ה' ממך כל חלי"; Hashem will remove every ailment from you; Chazal explain (Yerushalmi Shabbos 14, 3) 'זה רעיון', this means mental suffering. As R’ Eliezer says regarding this pasuk: (Devarim 28, 48) When one has דמיונות or bad thoughts, it is as if there is a steel yoke around his neck, choking him. Thus, I beg you dear father, remove the- עול ברזל  the steel yoke from me, and make my fears and imaginations disappear. Help me in the merit of the tzaddikim who were Moser Nefesh themselves for you; in the Zchus of R’ Shimon Bar Yochai; in the Zchus of R’ Yitzchok Luria Ashkenazi; in the Zchus of R’ Yisroel Baal Shem Tov; in the Zchus of R’ Nachman M’Breslev; in the Zchus of R’ Nosson M’Breslev, and in the Zchus of Rabeinu Eliezer Shlomo M’Breslev. יהיו לרצון אמרי פי והגיון לבי לפניך ה' צורי וגואלי, אמן כן יהי רצון.

I beg you; every time the negativity seeps into your thoughts, say this tefilla slowly, with concentration, and it will eliminate your illogical fears.



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ב' פ' בא, ראש חודש שבט, שנת תשע"ט


Despite going through hard times, and feeling a strong sense of hopelessness; I beg you dear….. don’t despair, or question Hashem’s ways, chas vesholom. Continue believing with a steadfast belief, that everything Hashem does is certainly לטובה.

Chazal relate (מדרש שוחר טוב, קיח) on the pasuk (תהילים קיח) "אודך כי אניתני ותהי לי לישועה"; there was a Yid, a successful merchant, who was preparing to travel across the ocean to amass his fortune. He joined another group of merchants, and together they all invested in a large quantity of goods, and prepared to start their journey. When the day arrived, the Yid was stricken with high fever and the ship left without him. Obviously, his anguish was strong, and he couldn’t comprehend why he was punished in this manner. His plans were canceled, his hopes dashed, and in his mind, he questioned Hashem; why, despite being so ehrlich, did such a misfortune befall him? A few days later he heard the news, that the ship came under attack from pirates, and everyone was killed. When he recognized the miracle he merited, he started praising Hashem with the following pasuk (yeshayuhu 12, 1) "אודך ה' כי אנפת בי, ישב אפך ות'נחמנ'י", thank you Hashem that you chastened me, and then you comforted me.

The Rebbe’s name is hidden in this pasuk - ות'נחמנ; which emphasizes the fact, that the Rebbe instills such strong Emunah into us, and teaches us to entirely believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Hashem is, ממלא כל עלמין, וסובב כל עלמין, ובתוך כל עלמין, אין שום מציאות בלעדיו יתברך כלל.

Maharosh composed a tune to these words; as a bochur, Maharosh would talk to Hashem alone in the forest, and when he would feel frightened, he would sing these words to himself. As a result, he developed such a strong faith in Hashem, that nothing was able to scare him.

Sing these words to yourself 'ממלא כל עלמין...' regularly, and you will also merit unwavering faith and happiness.

Good day.




בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ב' פ' בא, ראש חודש שבט, שנת תשע"ט


Don’t be offended that a melamed admonished you, not to smoke in the building of the Talmid Torah; please realize that it bothers both the melamdim and the children when you smoke indoors.

Therefore, from today onwards, make sure to refrain from doing so, and likewise, relay the message to all your friends, that it is not permitted to smoke inside, or even outside the building.

Continue with הפצה; always have seforim and קונטריסים within reach, and sieze the opportunity to strengthen another Yid.

May Hashem help you succeed in everything you do.

Family Purity


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ב' פ' בא, ראש חודש שבט, שנת תשע"ט


Now, during the weeks of שובבי"ם, set aside time to review hilchos taharah.

Maharosh z”l would relate, that the great tzaddik, R’ Uri Strelisker studied hilchos taharah over one thousand times in his lifetime; Maharosh would say, this comes to show us, that we, who are just simple Yidden, must review these halachos frequently, in order not to be נכשל in them.

I have a gift for you; a small sefer in Yiddish, with all the halachos clearly explained; come up to Yeshiva, and I’ll give it to you.

When one is careful to fulfill everything, which says in the Torah, he will be blessed. But, when one is not careful with our holy commandments, then it is very bitter. Chazal cite (Shabbos 13.) Eliyahu Hanavi related “There was a person who was completely absorbed in the holy Torah, but died very young. His wife was overcome with bitterness, and ran around to Yeshivos and baatei midrashim, and cried “how could such a tragedy have happened? It says in the Torah (Devarim 30, 20) 'כי הוא חייך וארך ימיך', whoever learns the holy Torah, merits longevity. My husband learned so much Torah, Chumash, Mishnayos, and Gemara; how is it possible he died so young??” No one had a reply for her. Eliyahu Hanavi continued; on one occasion, I was staying at this woman’s house. She told me the entire story, and I asked her “did you keep the halachos of taharos hamishpacha?” she replied in the affirmative. So I asked her for more specific details, and she admitted that her husband was lax during the שבעה נקיים; to which Eliyahu proclaimed "ברוך המקום שהרגו" – blessed is Hashem who killed him. Because the Torah states (Vayikra 18, 19) "ואל אשה בנדת טמאתה לא תקרב".

I beg you; help me finish the construction of the building in Uman; through doing so, you are only helping yourself. Baruch Hashem, last week they finished the roof, but they still must complete the steps to be done with the entire exterior.

I spent last Shabbos with ten families who pledged ten thousand dollars for the building; I deliberated for a while, whether I should spend a Shabbos for this purpose, as there are many talmidim who help me with more than ten thousand dollars; but, the reality is, we must finish the building in Uman, to have a safe place for our children. Therefore, I made the effort to show my hakoros hatov. I also appreciate everything you do for me, and I appreciate everyone who helps me, in any way possible; I daven that you should be successful in everything you do.

Good night.