Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום א' פרשת תרומה, כ"ח שבט, שנת תשע"ט


How fortunate for us that we are aware of the עצות of the hoy Rebbe; the Rebbe states (Chai Maharan 332): “I am like a river which cleans a person from all his impurities.”

When one listens to the Rebbe, and learns his Seforim, he will be Zoche to become a big Tzaddik, as the Rebbe says (Chai Maharan 349): “One can truly repent and become a Baal Teshuvah when they learn my Seforim, and whoever learns my Seforim with an Emes will merit to eliminate the evil from himself”; therefore, establish a Shiur for yourself in the Rebbe’s Seforim, and you will become a righteous person.

This Shabbos before Shachris we learned about the Rebbe’s Journey when he traveled to Eretz Yisroel, (פעולת הצדיק 262), the Rebbe sent his Talmid R’ Yitzchok to Haifa to arrange tickets for their voyage back to Europe, but when R’ Yitzchok got to Haifa he became preoccupied with something else, and returned to the Rebbe without the tickets. He told the Rebbe he collected money from Meshulachim etc., and the Rebbe remarked: “It is obviously Hashem’s will that we should remain a little longer in Eretz Yisroel”; we discussed how lucky one is when he believes everything that happens comes from Hashem; when one has faith in Hashem his life is so much easier because he knows everything that happens to him was orchestrated by Hashem. Unlike someone who doesn’t believe, everything that then happens to him causes him worry and confusion because he has nowhere to turn. This is what the Rebbe teaches us, pure and simple Emunah, everything that occurs to us is only from Hashem, and anything that happens down here is decreed beforehand from above.

After davening we discussed the story of the Ben Melech and the Ben Shifcha who were exiled  (Sippurei Maasos, Story 11), that the phony Ben Melech who originally banished the true Ben Melech, eventually was sold to the Ben Melech as a slave; we ascertained from this that the world is not Hefker, and one who harms or hurts another will ultimately pay a steep price for his evil. One must be very cautious never to hurt another Yid; one should rather be from the נרדפים – and always support the נרדפים, as the Rebbe cites in Sefer Hamiddos (Ois Merivah) "לעולם תצדד להציל את הנרדפים".

Last night we celebrated a Sheva Brochos for a Talmid of the Yeshiva; it’s a shame you didn’t attend. It was such a Simcha! It is an especially big Simcha for me since the Bachur is from the first few Talmidim with who our Cheder was founded.

Ten years ago, in year 2010, my children were expelled from their Cheder to pressure me to close the Yeshiva. We then asked Maharosh if we should open our own Talmud Torah, and Maharosh encouraged us strongly to do so. Maharosh then told me something that carries me through even in the stormiest times, Maharosh said these words “I cannot explicitly tell you to open a Cheder – it is an extremely hard undertaking, but I can tell you one thing, if you do open a Cheder, there is no going back.”

We took the plunge and opened the Cheder, at first it didn’t seem like it will survive for very long. We originally only opened classes for the younger boys, but their older brothers came and asked "למה נגרע?", we also want to learn in a Breslever Talmid Torah! So we opened a class with four Talmidim. The Chasan last night was the last of the four to get married, therefore it’s a great excitement for me to see the fruits of my hard labor.

There is so much more to write how nice Shabbos was; I hope you also Daven together with Anshei Shlomeinu. It is a different Shabbos when you Daven together with Anshei Shlomeinu, and strengthen one another with the Rebbe’s עצות.

May Hashem help you succeed in all your endeavors.