Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ד' פ' שמות, י"ח טבת, שנת תשעט


 Forgive me that I don’t reply to your letters; I’m so busy that I don’t even manage to complete my daily tasks.

I have meetings scheduled with the melamdim, teachers and office staff; I must ensure everything is in order with the building in Uman, the camp and the shtetel; I teach chasanim and guide couples with their marriage; I respond to countless letters and requests; and I organize the preparations in yeshiva before a chasunah. On top of that I prepare and deliver a shiur in Bavli and Yerushalm daily, daven and say the yom Tehillim, then give another two shiurim to the bochurim; one in gemara and halacha, and one in the Rebbes seforim. Subsequently, I must finish my own shiurim, on Mikra, Mishna, Nach, Mishlei, Tosefta, Gemara, Halacha, Rambam, Medrash, and the Rebbes seforim. I give a shiur to the teachers and students of Bais Faiga once a week; and after all, I also have a wife and precious children which want to spend some time with me. Likewise, I also have to eat and sleep a little, but nonetheless, I’ll write some חיזוק so you have strength to continue with your holy work.

The first and most valuable thing to you should be your wife and children; don’t fall into the illusion of ‘friends’, there is no such thing as a true friend, the only real friend you have is your wife. Therefore, I request from you again: don’t chase after friends; instead invest your time and efforts in your wife and children.

On numerous occasions I think to myself; how many countless times have I already written the following; but I’ll write it once again because I believe in the wisdom of the holy Rebbe who said “דיבור האט א כח – meaning, speech has a tremendous power. I’ll continue imploring repeatedly, until it penetrates deep into your heart: “Dear brother, we have a great creator which sustains and protects all; he never forgets or overlooks anyone, and if you surrender yourself to him completely, your life will be blessed.

The holy Rebbe says (Likutei Maharan, chelek 2, siman 82) “when a person sees that all his occurrences, are the opposite of what he actually wants; he should realize, this comes because the person insists and stubbornly says ‘I want’ - meaning, everything must go his way, and he is not ready to accept רצון ה'. Through this he removes himself, and severs his connection to our father in heaven, and once a person removes himself from Hashem, nothing will happen the way he wants.” Therefore, remember this klal – if you submit yourself to Hashem and accept Hashems will, everything in your life will go the way you want it to.

Before going to bed at night recite krias shema; Chazal cite (berachos 5.): “one that reads krias shema before going to sleep, gets rid of all the מזיקים which try to harm him. Chazal say further (berachos 8:) The Tana Rava warned his children “and you should never rest in a gentile’s bed”, the gemara gives a few explanations to what this means, the first being “he warned them not to go to sleep, without reading krias shema”. What we learn from this is; the importance of shema before going to bed.

I once again beg of you: “wherever you wish to go – go only with your wife;” you want to go on vacation? Together with your wife. You want to travel to kivrei tzaddikim? Only with your wife. You wish to do something different? Visit the moon? Also, only with your wife.

I hope you accept my words, which come straight from my heart.