Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ב' פ' בא, ראש חודש שבט, שנת תשע"ט


Despite going through hard times, and feeling a strong sense of hopelessness; I beg you dear….. don’t despair, or question Hashem’s ways, chas vesholom. Continue believing with a steadfast belief, that everything Hashem does is certainly לטובה.

Chazal relate (מדרש שוחר טוב, קיח) on the pasuk (תהילים קיח) "אודך כי אניתני ותהי לי לישועה"; there was a Yid, a successful merchant, who was preparing to travel across the ocean to amass his fortune. He joined another group of merchants, and together they all invested in a large quantity of goods, and prepared to start their journey. When the day arrived, the Yid was stricken with high fever and the ship left without him. Obviously, his anguish was strong, and he couldn’t comprehend why he was punished in this manner. His plans were canceled, his hopes dashed, and in his mind, he questioned Hashem; why, despite being so ehrlich, did such a misfortune befall him? A few days later he heard the news, that the ship came under attack from pirates, and everyone was killed. When he recognized the miracle he merited, he started praising Hashem with the following pasuk (yeshayuhu 12, 1) "אודך ה' כי אנפת בי, ישב אפך ות'נחמנ'י", thank you Hashem that you chastened me, and then you comforted me.

The Rebbe’s name is hidden in this pasuk - ות'נחמנ; which emphasizes the fact, that the Rebbe instills such strong Emunah into us, and teaches us to entirely believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Hashem is, ממלא כל עלמין, וסובב כל עלמין, ובתוך כל עלמין, אין שום מציאות בלעדיו יתברך כלל.

Maharosh composed a tune to these words; as a bochur, Maharosh would talk to Hashem alone in the forest, and when he would feel frightened, he would sing these words to himself. As a result, he developed such a strong faith in Hashem, that nothing was able to scare him.

Sing these words to yourself 'ממלא כל עלמין...' regularly, and you will also merit unwavering faith and happiness.

Good day.