Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ד' פרשת שמות י"ח טבת שנת תשעט

Lekuvid my dear…… 

Thank you for the beautiful chuppah which you designed for the chasunahs here in yeshiva; it would be a good idea to install lights around the top, so that during the winter nights the area should be illuminated.

People keep asking me: “what is the meaning of the words embroidered on the chuppah ‘I have achieved and triumphed, and I will continue to do so’?” (איך האב אויסגעפירט און איך וועל אויספירן) People think that it is some sort of insult, to the extent an individual came to tell me that someone was affronted by it.

This reminds me of a story. Someone once came to the Rav of the city and demanded a din Torah with so and so who embarrassed him publicly. During the din Torah the Rav investigated and asked “so how was it that he embarrassed you?” the accuser answered “the defendant walked into shul and proclaimed loudly: “by the time I count to three, the fool here must leave!” and he continued “I immediately left the place, and now I want compensation for my humiliation”. The Rav smiled and answered “he didn’t embarrass you, you embarrassed yourself! Who asked you to be the one to leave the shul?”

Reb Nosson z”l relates (Chai Maharan, 229) “I asked the Rebbe (before the Rebbe left the world) ‘what will become of all the teachings and פעולות, the Rebbe still wants to achieve?” The Rebbe turned to the crowd of people around him and asked “do you hear his question?” then went on to proclaim “have I not carried through already? I have achieved and I will eternally continue to do so!”

We see literally every day – the Rebbe has won. Gradually the entire world is starting to see the Rebbes light, everyone has heard of התבודדות -talking to Hashem. The seder derech halimud, the Rebbes directive of learning is being practiced all over, bochurim and yingeleit from all walks of life say Mishnayos and dafim Gemara. This was the Rebbes goal, everyone no matter his status or background should daven and learn.

Take the chasunah in yeshiva as an example, what better proof do you need, to see that the Rebbes vision and teachings are being fulfilled? People are marrying off their children while they are still young and pure; this is what the Rebbe meant with “נצחתי ואנצח.”

May Hashem help us raise our children in good health, and may we merit to marry them off while they are still young, without any calculations for kavod etc. only to always have their best interests on our minds.