Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a

Nachas, Chasuna


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ד' פ' שמות, י"ח טבת שנת תשעט

Thank you for helping me establish the opportunity, for members of our kehillah, to marry off their children, without having to go into debt. Thanks to Hashem, this week we celebrated the fourth chasunah in yeshiva, free of charge.

It is self-understood that I would never have been able to accomplish this alone, only through the efforts of the kehillah and my devoted talmidim, were we able to make this a reality.

Therefore, a heartfelt thank you for sacrificing your precious time; I know the afternoon is a demanding time for a mother of small children, yet, you put it all aside to be present, and take pictures of the kallah and her family. May Hashem repay you with nachas from your children; and may Hashem help you find a good shidduch for your daughter ….., and merit to marry her off here in yeshiva, also at no cost.

Regards from your sons ……. and …….; they daven and learn well, but most importantly they behave themselves with respect.

Chazal cite (Shabbos 10:) הנותן מתנה לחבירו צריך להודיעו"”, when someone gifts someone with something, they should make sure the latter knows about it. Rashi explains “שמתוך כך יהא אוהבו,” through this one will generate love and goodwill. Chazal elaborate: that when one feeds another’s child, they should leave the child’s face dirty from the food they gave him, that when the child’s mother asks “why is your face unclean?” the child will explain that so and so fed him, and this will bring about appreciation and gratitude. Therefore, it is my duty to inform you how devoted I am to your …..; I treat him with love and patience, and I truly care for him. He will grow to be an ehrliche yid, and find a good shidduch iy"h.

Thank you.