Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a


בעזרת ה' יתברך- יום ב' פ' יתרו, חמשה עשר בשבט, שנת תשע"ט


Never banish a needy person from your door. Even if you don’t have a single penny to give him, at least invite him in and offer him a drink etc., excuse yourself that you don’t have the ability to give at the moment, and you could even say “believe me, if I would have, I would certainly give you.” By explaining gently, you will merit great blessings, as Chazal say (Bava Basra 10:): “One who asks for understanding from the beggar, merits to be blessed with eleven Berachos.”

Teach your children the greatness of Tzedakah; we see that Shmuel’s father raised him with compassion for the needy, as Chazal relate (Yerushalmi Peah, 37:): “Shmuel’s father gave him pennies to distribute to the poor;” when someone knocks on your door for Tzedakah, send your children with a contribution.

Raise you children never to turn someone away; if it happens that you don’t have strength, or if you are busy and can’t open the door; don’t teach them to lie and say “my father isn’t home”; firstly it’s detrimental to Chinuch, and secondly, you don’t want your words to Chas Vesholom materialize, and you should be absent from your home for whichever reason. Instead instruct them to say “my father cannot answer the door now.”

Maharosh would constantly review the Zohar which states (Vayeira, 104.): "בשעתא דקודשא בריך הוא רחים ליה לבר נש", when Hashem wants to show his love for a person, "משדר ליה דורונא", he sends him a gift, "ומאן איהו מסכנא", in the form of a poor person; "בגין דיזכי ביה", he grants the person the opportunity to give Tzedaka, so he can merit a bountiful of blessings.

Thus, when someone knocks at your door, or should it be in the Beis Hamedresh, or at a chasunah etc. rejoice with the knowledge that Hashem loves you, and expressed it by sending you a gift – a poor person.

Have you learnt a Daf Gemara yet today? Have you done anything worthwhile yet? Don’t find excuses; seize the opportunity and learn a Daf Gemara. If you can’t comprehend what you are saying, say the words without understanding; through doing so you will merit to wipe away your sins.

I beg you; don’t allow misery or depression to creep into your thoughts, expel them as soon as they try to enter. You have complained enough already; now it’s the time to start thanking Hashem for the miracles he grants you.

Good night.