Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a

Mishnayos, Limud HaTorah


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ג' פ' בא, ב' שבט, שנת תשע"ט


Have you opened a sefer yet today? Have you listened to the holy Rebbe who requested us (Sichas Haran, 23) To “eat a perek Mishnayos, and drink a kapitel Tehillim?” have you opened a Mishnayos and said a perek yet??

As soon as you finish reading this letter, take a Mishnayos and say at least one perek. Even if you don’t understand what you are saying; continue learning without comprehending. This cleanses a person from his aveiros. When one starts learning Mishnayos, his speech becomes pure, and he starts weighing his words. Halacha dictates that a beheima which "פיה דומה לשל חזיר"- her mouth resembles the mouth of a chazir, is a baalas mim. (Rambam 2,2) Likewise, one who isn’t careful with his language, his mouth is unclean, shows what kind of a person he really is. Thus, I beg you: “set aside your cell phone for a few minutes, and take a Mishnayos in its place. Say at least one perek, and through doing so you will eliminate your sins.”

Be careful not to use ניבול פה; you once had all the chein in the world, but since you relinquished control over your mouth, and your language is hefker, you lost all your chein.

The holy Rebbe cites (Sefer Hamiddos, אות חן) Whoever desires to acquire chein – then "ישמר את פיו מדבור אסור", he should guard his mouth from forbidden speech. Instead of bantering with friends, go home and converse with your wife, give her encouragement, and listen to how her day was.

Chazal state (Tannis 10:) in regard to the pasuk in (Melachim beis, 2, 11) "ויהי המה הלכים הלוך ודבר, והנה רכב אש וסוסי אש ויפרדו בין שניהם". "טעמא דאיכא דיבור, הא ליכא דיבור – ראויין לישרף" ‘Fortunate for one with a pleasant speech; because they spoke they weren’t burned.’ A husband and wife must communicate with each other; they must be open to dialogue with each other, and not keep hurt or resentment bottled up inside. Blessed is one that conducts himself in this manner; and one who does not will suffer the consequences.

One more request; please find time for הפצה; through spreading the Rebbe’s light you will have a share in bringing Moshiach.

Good night.