Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a

R' Nosson, Hafutza

בעזרת השם יתברך יום ב', פ' ויחי, ט' טבת, שנת תשע"ט


Tonight is the yartzeit of the holy R' Nosson z"l. Before R' Nosson passed away he said "עזרא הסופר is is leaving the world, and 'טריף פסול' (meaning ניאוף and אפיקורסוס) will dominate. Unfortunately nowadays there is an abundance of טריף פסול ; but, just one page of the rebbe's seforim is a tikkun for everything". And he left off with "your duty is to publish the seforim they should be 'יפוצו מעינתיך חוצה'; stay strong with 'money' with 'commitment' and don't let any aggravation stop you". (Ezra Hasofer passed away on asarah beteves, R' Nosson was hinting through this, that he has the neshuma of Ezra Hasofer.)

R' Nosson's yartzeit is the time to strengthen our commitment, to distribute the rebbe's seforim throughout the entire world. We have to be strong with money, with an unyielding will, and even be prepared to face aggravation at times. Someone can bring money to print the seforim, another could come and do the actual printing, and a third can distribute the seforim at peoples houses. Most importantly everyone should find a way HE can take part and spread hashems glory to the world.

R' Nosson's adversaries once challenged him by asking "what will you do when you arrive to עולם האמת and you are sent to gehinnom?" R' Nosson's reply was "I'll inform everyone I meet there, where the rebbe is, and send them all to him". This was the essence of R' Nosson, nothing was about him, his only objective was to inform more people, that there is a rebbe who can help them.

This is the resolution we have to make on such a day, that we will continue spreading the rebbe's light to the entire world.

May Hashem help you in all your endeavors.