Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a

Krias Shema, Sholom Bayis, Tzedukeh


 בעזרת השם יתברך ליל א' פרשת ויחי אור לט' טבת שנת תשע"ט


   When your wife asks you for a few dollars to take a car service home because it's too cold for her to walk, why should you be so stingy and deny it to her? when it comes to your needs money doesn't play a role - you buy cartons of cigarettes and coffee every day etc. Let's not talk about all the wine you buy for shabbos, which costs a pretty penny; you don't sit down and think if you can afford it or not, so why when your wife asks for a few dollars do you make such a fuss??

   Our holy sages state ( chulin 84: ) "לעולם יאכל אדם וישתה פחות ממה שיש לו, וילבש ויתכסה במה שיש לו, ויכבד אשתו ובניו יותר ממה שיש לו", A person should save and spend less money on food then that is in his budget, and to clothe himself he should only spend how much is in his budget, but when it comes to his wife and children he should even spend more than he really has. And for a person which conducts himself in this manner the pasuk says, (tehillim 112, 5) "טוב איש חונן ומלוה יכלכל דבריו במשפט". I hope you won't be hurt, for telling you what to do. Believe me it's only because I have pity on you. More pity than all those who call themselves your 'good' friends. Heed my words and give your wife money to spend, if you want to save money save when it comes to your own needs.

Remember to say krias shema before going to sleep, and say to Hashem in your own words 'Hashem forgive me for whatever I did etc. I promise tomorrow i'll be erhlich (pious). Just a few words will get rid of all the דינים against you.

Good night.