Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a

#1 - שבת התוועדות FOR THOSE WHO HELP OUT.
Tzedukeh, Sholom

בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ד' פרשת שמות, י"ח טבת, שנת תשעט

Lekuvid……. Talmud yeshiva Tiferes Hatorah

A heartfelt thank you for all you do to help me out; especially that you undertook the task to help me repay my debts I incurred from the building in Uman. Thanks to Hashem I have already repaid part of the debt and today I sent a sum of money to Uman, to complete the building.

The two shabbosim you arranged for the bochurim which help out in yeshiva were beautiful, and I’m pleased to hear that you are organizing one for the yingeleit too. I want to request from you; please make sure this Shabbos doesn’t have the opposite effect, I don’t want anyone to be insulted. The talmidum should understand this is purely to raise money, to finish the building in Uman.

I love every single one of my talmidum, and someone that learns with talmidum can understand the connection you develop with them, and not even completely; not too many which are עוסק with talmidum spend days and nights with them, without expecting anything in return. Praised be Hashem, ten years have passed since I first started learning with talmidum, I sit with bochurim from morning until night, I don’t receive a wage from the yeshiva; I don’t do it for the money, and either way there is no extra dollar to pay me with.

For years I sat with your brother…… and your brother-in-law……; they can explain what a Rosh Yeshiva truly means. Nowadays I’m split between so many different obligations, the yeshiva, the cheder and school, the couples and the kollel etc.…, but during those day we would sit together for 24 hours a day. It would be worthwhile for you to ask them how we established this holy place, we built it with blood, and not with money.

Therefore, I chas vesholom don’t want my talmidum to think this is only for specific yungeleit; tell them what you want to accomplish with this Shabbos, that it’s the only way to help me repay my debts. If you make a calculation you will see that all my talmidum are baalei mesirus nefesh, זה בכה וזה בכה.  One helps with the kollel, another collects the rent, someone cooks in Uman, all this alone adds up to thousands of dollars. I remember speaking to you about making a special Shabbos for all that help out in different aspects, but the conclusion was, that its just not possible because everyone does something.

Therefore, I beg of you, be careful to preserve the shalom between us; there should only be love and goodwill between one another. I know it’s hard work to make everyone happy; everyone has their opinion and way of thinking, but here things are different; we all strive for one goal: to bring the Rebbes teachings to every Jewish heart, and his light to every Jewish home. It should be “וידע כל פעול כי אתה ,פעלתו" every yid should taste the sweetness of התבודדות, and every yid should know he has a way to rectify his sins.

Stay strong and you will find your zivug iyh, I’m not at all worried for you, it is completely clear to me that Hashem will help you very soon.