Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a

Schar Limud

בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ג' פרשת תרומה, א' דר"ח אדר א', שנת תשע"ט


Thank you for paying Schar Limud on time; this shows me that you have Hakoras Hatov, you appreciate everything we do for your children.

Helevai you speak to your friends and encourage them to also pay Schar Limud on time, and if they cannot afford it, they should apply to the city for assistance. If all the parents would make an effort to pay tuition, or apply for vouchers, then I would be able to pay the Melamdim and teachers on time.

You cannot imagine how hard it is for me every week when I see that I once again did not have the ability to give the Melamdim and teachers their paycheck; It causes me immense pain, and I have no מנוחה. It bothers me even more that there are families who simply disregard the calls from our office staff to work something out; they cause me great distress.

Therefore, I thank you for everything you do to help me; in the merit that you help the school and Cheder continue to function, may you be blessed with Nachas from your children and never experience hardships.

Good night; A Giten Chodesh.

Schar Limud

בעזרת השם יתברך-יום ד', פ' ויחי, א טבת, שנת תשע"ט


Thanks to Hashem we have a cheder and school for our children; a place where they are taught from early childhood to have pure faith in Hashem. Likewise they are taught the concept of tefillah, that everything they need they should ask from him.

I'm still waiting for appreciation from you and your wife, for having a regular schedule on Chanukah; we had cheder and school the entire week unlike other places. I'm sure you benefited, but I haven't received a thank you yet. Yesterday Asarah Beteves, we had a full day when all the other mosdos sent the kids home early. I'm writing this so you realize and appreciate what we do for you, and in return see where you can help us out.

Shabbos is approaching, I have to pay the melamdim and teachers in order for them to cover their expenses. How can I keep the cheder and school open if not all parents pay tuition? How can I pay staff members, if the parents don't pick up the phone when our office tries to contact them, and paying tuition is a last priority on their list? Why shouldn't someone regard tuition as the most important expense? As our sages teach us (bietzah 16.) "כל מזונותיו של אדם קצובים לו מראש השנה ועד יום הכיפורים, חוץ מהוצאת שבתות והוצאת יום טוב, והוצאת בניו לתלמוד תורה; שאם פחת פוחתין לו, ואם הוסיף מוסיפין לו" On Rosh Hashonah it is determined how much money one will have throughout the year, but this does not include expenses for shabbos and yom tov, and neither for tuition. If one decreases these expenses, then it is decreed from heaven to diminish his livelihood, but if one increases money for this purpose, his livlihood is increased for him as well.

Have a good day.