Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום א' פ' בא, כ"ט טבת, שנת תשע"ט


I request of you a personal favor: “Don’t incite machlokes between my talmidim!”

You are very well aware how I sacrificed everything for you, so you should benefit from the holy Rebbe’s עצות and attain joy in your life. Now that you are finally settled and married, and have navigated the difficulties of life, I beg you, show some hakoros hatov and don’t cause arguments between my talmidim. I love every single one of my talmidim, and I want you to also love each other. When there is hate and animosity between you, it causes me immense pain.

I guaranteed Maharosh z”l that I will have no relation to machlokes, especially here in Hichel Hakodesh; and I will uphold my promise with mesirus nefesh.

Before I came to Hichel Hakodesh, I didn’t even realize what the problem with machlokes was; nowadays it is something I cannot tolerate. Maharosh begged us his entire life; never to take a side in machlokes, only leave it to others.

Therefore, I implore: “Have pity on me and don’t destroy me,” I cannot forgive this behavior, not on this world, or the next. Nobody is obligated to belong to our ,חבורה but if you do choose to belong here, then you cannot hate a single yid; for whichever reason in the world.

I have plenty of talmidim who learned in Yeshiva, and then later found themselves a different niche they fit in to; they are very successful there, each in his own way. If you want to continue your relationship with me, and you proclaim yourself as a Talmid Hichel Hakodesh, then you must love every Yid, and only see the positive in another.

Machlokes sickens me, and I take it very personally; R’ Nosson once said: “when I see two lowly laborers arguing it stabs me in my side;” even if R’ Nosson wasn’t acquainted with these individuals, it hurt him to see other Yidden squabble. Likewise, it stabs me in my heart to see Yidden fighting, and similarly it should hurt every person who witnesses it.

Good night.



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום א' פ' בא, כ"ט טבת, שנת תשע"ט


Instead of sending me loshon hora about different people, inform me of your siyumim, or write to me how much time you dedicate to learning, and talking to Hashem.

I’m not interested in machlokos; and I will continue to ensure there is shalom in our kehillah.

Notify me how many yidden you strengthened with the Rebbes עצות and seforim; it hurts me to hear gossip on another, I have no energy to petty arguments and strife.

The holy R’ Nosson would say “even when two lowly laborers’ argue, it hurts me personally;” likewise, my heart aches when I see yidden despise one another.

I’m waiting to receive only positivity in your letters.