Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ג' פרשת תרומה, א' דר"ח אדר א', שנת תשע"ט

Dear… Talmid in Yeshiva Tiferes Hatorah.

I received your letter together with your broken smartphone.

I was very happy to receive your letter and find in the envelope your destroyed phone; with this action you fulfilled the mitzva of "ובערת הרע מקרבך", (Devarim 17, 7) because a smartphone without a filter is in the category of the following three Aveiros where a person must rather be killed than transgress on them, 'עבודה זרה', 'גילוי עריות' , and 'שפיכת דמים'.

A smartphone robs a person of his Emunah, as the Rebbe says (Likutei Maharan, Chelek 1, siman 31) ‘Bris’ and ‘Emunah’ are contingent in each other, as it says in Tehilim (89, 29): "ובריתי נאמנת לו"; meaning that when one is פוגם בברית, especially if he Rachmana Litzlon watches dirty movies and then sins in הוצאת זרע לבטלה רחמנא לצלן, he then starts questioning and having doubts in Hashem. The more he sinks in this terrible Aveira, the more his doubts increase until he is drawn to כפירה. Aveiros extinguish a person’s Emunah, as the Rebbe quotes (Sefer Hamiddos, Ois Emunah): "הפשע של אדם מכניס כפירה באדם", these Aveiros bring כפירה; that’s why a smartphone is such a harmful object.

Now that you took the strength to get rid of your smartphone stay strong with your conviction and don’t be like a dog who returns to the food he just expelled. Shlomo Hamelech states in Mishlei (26, 11): "כלב שב על קאו, כסיל שונה באולתו", A fool is comparable to a dog, who returns to the food he just threw up - he lacks the intelligence to realize that it is rotten and therefore unsafe to eat; likewise, a fool keeps on returning to his previous follies.

Establish a shiur in Mishnayos; start from Seder Zeroim and gradually work your way through; continue with Seder Moed until you complete the entire Shisha Sidrei Mishna. Once you finish immediately start again, and continue this way your entire life. This will protect you from all harm.

The holy Rebbe said (Sichas Haran 19): “Even a person who has strayed far from the Kedushah, and  has already descended so low that he is lying in שאול תחתית; yet, if he takes upon himself to learn Mishnayos every day, he will manage to extricate himself from his sins, because the power of the Torah is infinite, and one cannot imagine the positive effect it has on a person.”

Daven to Hashem to give you the strength to continue overcoming your Yetzer Hora; even if it’s hard for you to talk to Hashem, say the following “Reboinoi Shel Oilam, give me the strength to guard my eyes and refrain from looking at Aveiros, help me resist my urge to watch movies and garbage. I find myself constantly returning to my Aveiros, just like a dog who returns to his filth. Hashem help me have the power to withstand my difficult Nisyonas.” Beseech Hashem and you will find the energy to conquer your Yetzer Hora.

Send me more letters; at least once a week.

Sholom Bayis, Shabbos, שובבי"ם, Uman, Kedusha

בעזרת ה' יתברך-ערב שבת קודש פ' שמות, כ' טבת, שנת תשעט


This week is the first Shabbos of שובבים; we must be extremely excited with the opportunity to observe this Shabbos properly.

Maharosh would constantly review the following Medrash (תנחומא בראשית, ג) “If one rejoices with the holy Shabbos, and sweetens it in whichever way possible, it is equivalent to as if he would have fasted a thousand times.” Therefore, the yetzer hora is terrified that one will rectify everything, just through keeping Shabbos in the right manner; so, he makes it his business to distract a person with whatever he can. Already from Friday morning one should daven to Hashem that he should merit to be happy throughout Shabbos; that he shouldn’t lose his temper on Shabbos; and that he should rejoice with the holy Shabbos.

Baruch Hashem, we are moving forward with the building in Uman, the exterior is almost complete; Hashem should help us finish it already, it should be “והראנו בבנינו, ושמחנו בתקונו.” This building will be a beacon of light to the entire world, as we see already; the teachings of the holy Rebbe are gradually being absorbed in all different communities and kehillas.

I personally thank everyone for helping me; but really you are helping yourself. Why is it I need this building? Is it my desire to incur debt? The only reason for doing this is, because I want to protect your children.

Yesterday I sent a bochur out of yeshiva; another bochur came to tell me that not everything is in order with him; when I asked him to elaborate, he explained that a few years ago whilst being in Uman for Rosh Hashanah, this particular bochur was staying in the same hotel as him, and throughout yom tov, he was chasing after the small children in a suspicious and inappropriate manner. This brings out how essential it is to have a safe place where to stay in Uman, and I want to provide accommodations where we can protect our kids.

Last week Friday night, I had an interesting incident. I usually don’t leave the Beis Hamedresh during davening, but a random thought entered my mind ‘let me go outside and check what is going on’. I stepped out for a moment, and just at that time a yingerman on the way into the Beis Hamedresh approaches me. I immediately stopped his entry, and told him to leave at once. When he asked why, I told him “I have heard you are a pedophile rachmana litzlon.” He turned around and fled as fast as he could. It was divine providence that I met him outside, and was able to chase him away in time.

People ask me, what is the importance of repeatedly talking about protecting oneself, and one’s children, from מניוולים? And I think to myself ‘will I ever be able to stress enough on it?’ When people would be aware of what is going on nowadays; how boys and girls are being victimized by sick people rachmana litzlon, they would beg me “please talk more, we want to have the peace of mind, knowing our children are safe.”

I’m sending you some pictures of the construction in Uman, so you can see with your own eyes how your money is being used. I don’t want a repeat of the problems we had last year; the roof wasn’t sealed properly and every time it rained, the whole building was submerged in water. I want to finish it as soon as possible.

Don’t view this as unnecessary, because traveling to Uman is our first priority. The holy Rebbe proclaimed (Chai Maharan, 405) “The entire world depends on my Rosh Hashanah”; we all go to Uman every year; and we bring along our children once they turn 7, we must have a place where to be together.

Thanks to Hashem I have obtained tickets for the coming Rosh Hashanahהבא עלינו לטובה  שנת תש"פ; I should merit yet another opportunity to visit the holy Rebbe, together with my children.

We cannot take aggravation, money, or anything else into account; we travel to holy Rebbe with mesirus nefesh. Therefore, we took the plunge and started such a project, to erect a building, in order to have a safe locale. Give it a few years and this building will be small already, every year there is a fresh class of five and six year old’s, who also want to merit the guarantee from the holy Rebbe (Chai Maharan, 517) “I promise every child, which comes to me before he turns 7 years of age, he will merit to be wed, holy and pure.” What more do parents want then ehrliche doros? What better guarantee does one have, that their children reach marriageable age, righteous and pure from aveiros, without being נכשל in פגם הברית?

Yingeleit ask me, is it so crucial to take their children every year repeatedly, why won’t it suffice just once? I think to myself ‘true, it’s a lot of money, but what is the value you put on ehrliche doros??’ It costs me an awful lot of money; I’m traveling with five children this year, kein ayin hora. Make a calculation, one ticket costs a thousand dollars, so in total I’m paying six thousand dollars. It costs money; but we will do everything in the world to ensure our children stay holy and pure.

Gladden your wife; the holy Arizal says (שער הפסוקים פ' כי תשא, סימן לא, ועיין ברא"ש קמא 7, 19) the acronym for 'ושמרו בני ישראל את השבת' is 'ביאה'. This illustrates, that on Shabbos one must be together with his wife. This is the only reason the yetzer hora puts so much focus to cause arguments and strife between a husband and his wife; they end up sulking at each other, and as a result, their Shabbos is destroyed. Therefore, try with all your strength to stay happy, and relaxed throughout Shabbos.

Good Shabbos.