Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a


בעזרת ה' יתברך – יום ה' פרשת משפטים, כ"ה שבט, שנת תשע"ט

To my dear….

Thank you for your contribution for the rent; in the merit of Tzedakah may you be blessed with success in all your endeavors.

Yesterday I tested your son’s class, I must inform you how well he performed, he repeats the Mishnas with energy and Geshmak – it’s a pleasure to hear.

May Hashem help him grow up to be Ehrlich, and may you merit Nachas from him, and from the rest of your children.

I ask you dear…., continue engaging in הפצה; there is a fire raging, and Yiddishe Kinder – boys, girls, and Bochurim are unfortunately being destroyed; only the Rebbe’s Seforim can save them from the flames of ניאוף, and ignite in them the Emunah to believe in Hashem.

Remain strong!


בעזרת ה' יתברך- יום ד' פ' יתרו, י"ז שבט, יומא דהילולא של מוהרא"ש זצוק"ל, שנת תשע"ט

To my dear….

Havreich….., wrote a letter to me, relating how much you enjoy the letters I send every day; it heartened me greatly.

People have this misconception that those who strengthen others, don’t need Chizuk in return; however, the truth is that it’s just the opposite. Chazal state (Sifrei Parshas Nosoi, Piske 1): "אין מחזיקים אלא המחוזקים"; Maharosh explains that those who encourage others need the most encouragement, as it says in Succah (52.); "כל הגדול מחברו – יצרו גדול הימנו"; the Yetzer Hora puts much more emphasis on individuals who engage in drawing Yidden closer to Hashem. Therefore, it brought me great pleasure to hear that you draw strength from the letters.

If only you could take the קונטרסים 'עצתו אמונה', and distribute them to others; you will have a share in bringing Yidden closer to Hashem.

Thank you for your donation to help the Yeshiva; in the merit of Tzedakah may you see success in all your endeavors.

Hafutza, Moharosh

בעזרת ה' יתברך- יום ד' פ' יתרו, י"ז שבט, יומא דהילולא של מוהרא"ש זצוק"ל, שנת תשע"ט


Today is the Yartzeit of Maharosh Zecher Tzaddik Livrocho; Maharosh sacrificed everything he had for Klal Yisroel, and never received anything in return – only hardships and humiliation.

One cannot imagine how degraded Maharosh was during his lifetime; he was discredited, spoken out against, and suffered persecution from all directions. Despite his hardships, he continued strengthening Yidden, especially Bochurim who were very close to his heart; he went out of his way to help them and encourage them.

Maharosh would say, that when he arrives before the Beis Din Shel Maaloh, he will advocate for all the Bochurim they should not be held accountable for their Aveiros; the only reason they sin is that they unfortunately haven’t yet found their Shidduch. Maharosh would cry day and night over the tragedy that girls and boys don’t get married while they are still young and pure; he placed his own life at risk for this cause, and almost received 16 years in jail, merely for attempting to enhance the lives of others.

Maharosh became attached to the holy Rebbe at the age of 16; he found a small Sefer called 'משיבת נפש', a compilation of התחזקות from the Sefer Likutei Halachos; written by R’ Alter from Teplik Z”l.  This Sefer ignited a flame in his heart, and starting in year 5724, at the age of 24, Maharosh started writing letters of התחזקות to Bochurim and Yingeleit. These letters eventually became the Sefer ‘Asher Banachal’ which entails over seventy thousand letters; Chizuk for every person in every situation he may find himself.

Today, during such a significant time as Mahaosh’s Yartzeit, we must remember what Maharosh repeatedly told us: “One cannot consider himself a Breslever Chassid except if he learns the holy Rebbe’s Seforim”; as the Rebbe says in Likutei Maharan (Chelek 1, Siman 192) "פניו שכלו ונשמתו נמצאים בתוך ספרו", the face, wisdom and Neshumah of the Tzaddik can be found in his Seforim. Someone who learns the holy Rebbes Seforim is a true Breslever Chassid, and one who doesn’t, has no connection to the holy Rebbe. By being versed in the politics of Breslev, or knowing individuals who belong to Breslev, doesn’t automatically qualify someone a ‘Breslever Chassid’; only one who learns the Rebbe’s Seforim can proclaim himself a Breslever Chassid. Likewise, one who wishes to forge a connection with Maharosh, must learn Maharosh’s Seforim, especially the Sefer Asher Banachal.

Today is the fourth Yartzeit of Maharosh Zecher Tzaddik Livrocha, its time you start thinking how you can also help other Yidden taste the sweetness of the holy Rebbe’s עצות; look at Maharosh as an inspiration; look what a לב טוב, he had. He discovered the light of the holy Rebbe, and saw how it transformed his life; however, the holy Rebbe’s Seforim were then very scarce and most people had no access to them. Instead of being content with the status quo, he started printing the Rebbe’s Seforim so they should be available throughout the entire world. This was his life’s mission, and this is what we must emulate; we must continue spreading the sweetness and awareness, that every Yid has a way to return to Hashem.

People ask: “Who received Maharosh’s inheritance?” and the truth is, we can all take a part in his inheritance; whoever helps print Maharosh’s Seforim obtains a share in it.

Four days before his passing, while lying in hospital, Maharosh wrote a letter to his Talmidim; "השארתי אחרי ירושה גדולה והם שאלןת ותשובות 'אשר בנחל' שמסתכם כבר עד השנה הזו למעלה משבעים אלף מכתבים", I have left an inheritance of seventy thousand letters, the questions and answers of ‘Asher Banachal’,"ולכן אני מבקש את כל אנשי שלומנו תעזרו לי שיצא כל חלקי שאלות ותשובות 'אשר בנחל' לאור עולם", and I request all my Talmidim to help me print all the volumes of “Asher Banachal”, "כל אחד שיקח על עצמו כמה כרכים להדפיס את זה", everyone should take a volume to print, "וזה הירושה היחידית שהשארתי ממני", this is the inheritance I am giving over to you. Take a part in printing Asher Banachal and you will merit to share Maharosh’s legacy.

Maharosh writes in his צוואה: “Thus, I request from you my dear children and Talmidim, publish all my letters, and make sure they are printed repetitively. You cannot put 'כל הזכיות שמורות' on any of my Seforim, no one has the exclusive rights to print them. Everyone can publish them, and I guarantee, that whoever publishes a volume of ‘Asher Banachal’ will merit heavenly salvation. These letters have rescued thousands of Bochurim and Yingeleit, and fortunate is for the person who takes a share in its printing.”

May Hashem grant us the privilege to continue printing, publishing, and distributing the Seforim our entire lives; we should follow in the footsteps of Maharosh, not to be distracted by anyone’s doubts, only continue engaging in helping Klal Yisroel.

 Good day.


בעזרת ה' יתברך- יום ג' פ' יתרו, ט"ז שבט, שנת תשע"ט


If you are feeling confused and don’t know in which direction to turn, adopt the Rebbe’s עצה of התבודדות – speaking to Hashem in your mother tongue. Reveal all your thoughts and uncertainties, just as if you would be conversing with a trusted friend; ask him for clarity on how you should conduct yourself.

R’ Nosson related (Sichas Haran, 238); while Davening Maariv, the Rebbe once heard a Yid mutter the words of "ותקננו בעצה טובה מלפניך" without any concentration; the Rebbe was disturbed by this and explained; “the words of  "ותקננו בעצה טובה מלפניך" are a powerful Tefilla, and should be said with extra concentration.” The origin of many problems is, that one does not have the clarity how to conduct himself, he has conflicting thoughts how to proceed with his problems, therefore, one must constantly Daven to Hashem: ותקננו בעצה טובה מלפניך, Ribonoi Shel Oilam, enlighten me with the wisdom, to know how to conduct myself.”

Lend a hand, in whichever way possible, to spread the Rebbe’s עצות to the world; this will bring you happiness in your day to day life. As the Rebbe says (Sefer Hamiddos, Ois Simcha) “One who spreads a Tzaddik’s light, is Zoche to happiness;” take notice of all the individuals who play a role in הפצה; they are always joyful and uplifted.

Thus, I request from you my dear Talmid…, now, during such a meaningful time; right before Maharosh’s Yartzeit, start engaging in ,הפצה and drawing people closer to Hashem. By doing so you will also merit to be happy. Get rid of your misery and depression, enough of petty Machlokes and politics, it’s time to stop only thinking of yourself; start finding ways to help others.

Tonight, all the מפיצים will come together; all those who abide by the Rebbe’s request that we ‘water the trees’ (see Sippurei Maasos, story 3), to the Yartzeit Seuda of Maharosh, Zecher Tzaddik Livrocha. What can I say; whenever I think of Maharosh I become so happy and calm; I recall everything that Maharosh went through during his lifetime, and despite it all, he remained so strong, and his only desire was to strengthen others. This gives me the encouragement to continue with everything I do; strengthen myself, and others.

I hope to see you Iy”h.



בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ג' פ' בא, ב' שבט, שנת תשע"ט

To my dear beloved chassan….

Mazel tov to your shidduch! Realize what one merits when he has patience and bitachon; after waiting so many years for your shidduch, you merited such a dear kallah and such a beautiful family. Always remember; if one has סבלנות he eventually merits great things.

Once you get married, remember how הפצה changed your life, and perpetuate it. Remember how הפצה  extricated you from your situation etc. now it is your turn to rescue other Yidden from their aveiros. There is no greater shame, than one who sins, rachmana litzlon.

If you take הפצה for your parnassah, you will merit abundance.

If only all my Talmidim would engage in הפצה, we would have the opportunity to reawaken every Yid to Hashem, and play a role in bringing Moshiach. As in the following niggun "על ידי הפצת ספרי רבינו, נביא את משיח צדקינו", במהרה בימינו, אמן.

Thank you for your donation for the rent; in the merit of tzedakah may you be blessed in all your endeavors. 




בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום ב' פ' בא, ראש חודש שבט, שנת תשע"ט

 To my dear…

Thank you for your donation for the rent; in the merit of tzedakah may Hashem bless you with success.

You related that you feel distanced from Yeshiva lately. Chazal say (Yerushalmi peah 1, 1) on the pasuk (Devarim 32, 47): "כי לא דבר רק הוא מכם – ואם הוא ריק – מכם", that a feeling is contingent on a person only. This all depends on yourself. Many talmidim express such sentiments after leaving Yeshiva; they have different responsibilities, they must start working to sustain their families, and as a result they feel distanced.

Therefore, take my advice; start engaging yourself in הפצה; start spreading the Rebbe’s עצות, and encouragement, and although you will still be far, you will remain close at heart.

When you look around, you will realize that all the Talmidei Hichel Hakodesh who took הפצה as their calling, are full of energy, life, and vigor.

I noticed after the passing of Maharosh z”l; the talmidim who were strong with הפצה, didn’t seem at all confused; even during the levayah they had the clarity to continue with הפצה.

Those who fell into the category of mekablim – they were only here to receive; became so depressed, that even today; a few years since Maharosh’s passing, they still cannot find comfort.

Through being a משפיע you will feel close, and attached to the holy Rebbe.


בעזרת ה' יתברך-יום א' פ' וארא, כ"ב טבת, שנת תשעט


There is a famous story which occurred with the holy Rebbe; a talmud once gifted him with a beautiful handcrafted wooden chair. When the Rebbe asked him, how long it took him to create it, he replied that it took him half a year. The Rebbe then asked “for half a year, you worked all day, on this chair?” the talmud answered “no, only for an hour each day.’ The Rebbe then exclaimed “is that so? For half a year, I was on your mind every day, for at least an hour?” It brought the Rebbe more pleasure that his chassid actually thought about him, than the gift alone. The act of just thinking of a tzaddik, brings a person blessing and salvation.

The Rebbe once asked a yid “tell me, have you raised your eyes heavenward yet today?” Through looking to the sky, one remembers Hashems presence in his life, and consequently he utters a few teffilos to Hashem. This is worth more than anything, in the entire world.

Yesterday night, there was a beautiful sheva berachos in yeshiva; both the chassan and Kallah are talmidei Hichel Hakodesh; we discussed and strengthened each other in the concept of הפצה. It’s a shame you didn’t participate, you could have benefited from the chizuk, especially now during שובבים, when we want to rectify our sins. One must make a firm resolution to continue with הפצה, and spread the Rebbe’s light to the entire world. As the Rebbe cites (ספר המידות, אות ניאוף, סימן מא)” one that wants to repent for his sins, especially the sin of פגם הברית, should concern himself with bringing back yidden to Hashem.”

May Hashem help you succeed in all your endeavors.

R' Nosson, Hafutza, Likutei Halochos, Asher Banachal


בעזרת השם יתברך יום ג' פ' ויחי, צום עשרה בטבת, שנת תש"ע


Today is the yartzeit of the holy R' Nosson z"l. Each year by the yartzeit, Maharosh would awaken us anew to establish a daily shiur in likutei halachos. Maharosh would elaborate that once someone brought the sefer 'של"ה הקדוש' to R' Nosson, and R' Nosson remarked with the following words "by the world this sefer is a 'כל בו'-it entails everything. It includes halacha, mussar, Kabbalah etc. but my likutei halachos is the gan eden of Hashem". Whoever learns likutei halachos is strengthened in serving Hashem and nothing in the world could break his commitment.

Maharosh z"l used to say that his entire strength that kept him afloat during difficult times, when everyone was against him, was due to the fact that he had a steady shiur in likutei halachos. There was a time when Maharosh would finish likutei halachos every month; this was the time when Maharosh started writing letters for 'Asher Banachal' to which Maharosh referred to "all my letters and seforim are Hashem alone". Whoever learns the holy letters and pamphlets from Maharosh doesn't need gratification from this world, they start living with a true connection to Hashem which nothing can sever.

Therefore I want to be you mechazik, start learning Asher Banachal everyday. Asher Banachal is a compilation of the holy rebbe and R' Nossons teachings, it will strengthen you to daven 3 times a day with minyan; this will encourage you to learn mikra, mishna, gemara and halacha on daily basis, and it will awaken you and bring you back to our father in heaven.

I want to encourage you to take part in 'הפצה'-spreading the rebbes light to the entire world, you cannot fathom the greatness therein. Chazal say (Avos 5, 18) : "כל המזכה את הרבים אין חטא בא על ידו" 'whoever is מזכה another yid is saved from sin'. There is a fire burning and people are being harmed every day. Bochurim and girls are throwing away yiddishkeit; they refuse to listen to anyone anymore. Yet the rebbe does have a way to talk to their hearts, and the rebbe has a way to bring them back. Therefore by going הפצה and spreading the rebbes teachings we can save the entire generation.

Thanks to Hashem we are zoche to have a printing room in yeshiva where seforim and pamphlets are printed all day. When Maharosh visited the printing room for the first time he was extremely happy and he expressed himself "R' Nosson would have been very gladdened by such a printing room". Whenever there was a simcha or melave malka in yeshiva, Maharosh would request to see the printing room; this was his entire life to print and distribute the seforim to all.

My goal is to establish talmidim who should constantly have in mind 'how can I help another yid?' What can I do that my neighbor should have shalom bayis (harmony at home)? What can I do that another yid should know he can also learn? Each day when you wake up, start your day thinking 'what can I do today to help another yid?' take along CDs booklets, and seforim  wherever you go so if you meet someone you can infuse them with life.

Nowadays it is not embarrassing to distribute the seforim anymore. Everyone knows how much they accomplish and that they are the only way to save our, and future generations. Nowadays young girls and boys are spending hours glued to the internet, they watch inappropriate things which leads to inappropriate actions and aveiros rachmana litzlon. No one has a way to stop the catastrophe, but the עצות from the rebbe which  Maharosh taught us are the only way to save our generation.

Hashem should help you succeed in all your endeavors.


R' Nosson, Hafutza

בעזרת השם יתברך יום ב', פ' ויחי, ט' טבת, שנת תשע"ט


Tonight is the yartzeit of the holy R' Nosson z"l. Before R' Nosson passed away he said "עזרא הסופר is is leaving the world, and 'טריף פסול' (meaning ניאוף and אפיקורסוס) will dominate. Unfortunately nowadays there is an abundance of טריף פסול ; but, just one page of the rebbe's seforim is a tikkun for everything". And he left off with "your duty is to publish the seforim they should be 'יפוצו מעינתיך חוצה'; stay strong with 'money' with 'commitment' and don't let any aggravation stop you". (Ezra Hasofer passed away on asarah beteves, R' Nosson was hinting through this, that he has the neshuma of Ezra Hasofer.)

R' Nosson's yartzeit is the time to strengthen our commitment, to distribute the rebbe's seforim throughout the entire world. We have to be strong with money, with an unyielding will, and even be prepared to face aggravation at times. Someone can bring money to print the seforim, another could come and do the actual printing, and a third can distribute the seforim at peoples houses. Most importantly everyone should find a way HE can take part and spread hashems glory to the world.

R' Nosson's adversaries once challenged him by asking "what will you do when you arrive to עולם האמת and you are sent to gehinnom?" R' Nosson's reply was "I'll inform everyone I meet there, where the rebbe is, and send them all to him". This was the essence of R' Nosson, nothing was about him, his only objective was to inform more people, that there is a rebbe who can help them.

This is the resolution we have to make on such a day, that we will continue spreading the rebbe's light to the entire world.

May Hashem help you in all your endeavors.