Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a


בעזרת ה' יתברך- יום ב' פ' יתרו, חמשה עשר בשבט, שנת תשע"ט


Today is a special day; Chamisha Asar Bishvat. There are many lessons we can learn from the trees; we see, that although they endure a harsh winter and seem dead already, they have withered and lost their leaves and fruit, come spring, they bloom to life, and start blossoming. Internalize the message; it’s time to awaken from your deep slumber, and start anew.

Dear…., look at the ground, even though it is constantly being stepped upon, it still produces impressive trees, and delicious fruit; remember, continue being kind to everyone, even to those who don’t reciprocate.

The holy Rebbe says (Likutei Maharan, Chelek 2, Siman 72): “A person must accustom himself to be like the ground; the ground isn’t insulted when people step on her, throw garbage at her, or mistreat her etc.; the earth still continues yielding fruit, and whatever else is planted therein. Similarly, one must be a kind and giving person, even if he isn’t always treated fairly; he is stepped on, and spat at; despite this, he should continue with his good deeds.”

The Yartzeit Seuda for Maharosh will take place Iy”h tomorrow evening; we will strengthen ourselves with the wonders and miracles we saw by Maharosh. R’ Nosson says (Sichas Haran 249) “The most important miracles we witnessed by the holy Rebbe was his ability to bring Yidden closer to Hashem. Every time someone came to the Rebbe with the desire to grow in Avodas Hashem, one could see how he would transform completely.” This is what we will review and pass down to our future generations; they should know what greatness we had. Maharosh sacrificed everything for fifty years in a row, only to help other Yidden; nothing would deter him, even if people stepped on him, or spat at him etc.

Attach yourself to the holy Rebbe; the Rebbe once remarked to R’ Nosson: “You are already secure in my sack”’, R’ Nosson replied “Rebbe, fasten it, so I shouldn’t be able to escape.” This is what we must remember; to connect to the holy Rebbe, and remain in Ehrliche surroundings; we must flee from the Yetzer Hora who tries to distract us with עצבות and עצלות. The Rebbe says (Likutei Maharan, Chelek 1, Siman 155) “The only reason one refrains from coming to a Tzaddik, is because his depression restricts him.”

Daven to Hashem to remain attached to the holy Rebbe and you will see the blessings it brings.