Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a

R' Nosson, Chazak, Chumash, Hisbodedus, Thanking Hashem

בעזרת השם יתברך-יום א פרשת ויחי ח' טבת שנת תשע"ט‎


With hashems help we finish this week sefer bereishis, we shall say 'chazak chazak venischazak'; how fortunate for the person which learns a little chumash and Rashi every day, and by the end of the week he finishes the entire Parsha.

‎This weeks parsha starts with ויחי יעקב- yaakov lived. Maharosh explains, Yaakov avinu was always happy and uplifted despite all his suffering- His suffering with Eisav, with Lavan, with Rochel, with Dinah and lastly with Yosef. Although he had many hardships throughout his life he was constantly happy and only focused on the positive. He lived life to its fullest.

‎If you really want a way out of your own suffering heed the words of the holy R' Nosson "when a person complains about his lot Hashem takes notice and says: 'look at this person, look how much he has going for him and he still finds reason to complain, I'll show him what suffering really means'. Now when a person thanks and praises Hashem, Hashem says: 'look at this person he has nothing, yet he still is happy and appreciative, I'll show him what good means'! And ultimately such a person is zocheh to a good life.

And to you I say the same; it's true that you are going through hard times and it is just getting worse and worse, but surely there are things that are good and positive in your life. Hashem is waiting for you to thank and praise him for all he gives you.

‎This doesn't mean you shouldn't continue asking and davening to Hashem for the things that are important and bothering you, of course you should continue to daven and beg Hashem for a yeshua. But, why shouldn't you also take notice of the many benefits that you do have? why don't you submit to Hashem and believe that he certainly knows what is best for you? we say Hashem is טוב ה' לכל ורחמיו על כל מעשיו , ( tehillim 145, 9) he is good to all, and his compassion is over all his creations. If you accept hashems will, Hashem then will fulfill your wishes.

‎Tomorrow night is the yartzeit seuda of the holy R' Nosson Z"l. Take a glimpse at his life, he was persecuted throughout. Even in Breslev he was oppressed, he had difficulties with all his children, and despite everything he would always say "I have great blessings" he only thanked and praised Hashem, and his only wish was to be able to strengthen another yid.

How fortunate for us that we have such a rebbe with such talmidim.