Letters from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a

R' Nosson, Hafutza, Likutei Halochos, Asher Banachal


בעזרת השם יתברך יום ג' פ' ויחי, צום עשרה בטבת, שנת תש"ע


Today is the yartzeit of the holy R' Nosson z"l. Each year by the yartzeit, Maharosh would awaken us anew to establish a daily shiur in likutei halachos. Maharosh would elaborate that once someone brought the sefer 'של"ה הקדוש' to R' Nosson, and R' Nosson remarked with the following words "by the world this sefer is a 'כל בו'-it entails everything. It includes halacha, mussar, Kabbalah etc. but my likutei halachos is the gan eden of Hashem". Whoever learns likutei halachos is strengthened in serving Hashem and nothing in the world could break his commitment.

Maharosh z"l used to say that his entire strength that kept him afloat during difficult times, when everyone was against him, was due to the fact that he had a steady shiur in likutei halachos. There was a time when Maharosh would finish likutei halachos every month; this was the time when Maharosh started writing letters for 'Asher Banachal' to which Maharosh referred to "all my letters and seforim are Hashem alone". Whoever learns the holy letters and pamphlets from Maharosh doesn't need gratification from this world, they start living with a true connection to Hashem which nothing can sever.

Therefore I want to be you mechazik, start learning Asher Banachal everyday. Asher Banachal is a compilation of the holy rebbe and R' Nossons teachings, it will strengthen you to daven 3 times a day with minyan; this will encourage you to learn mikra, mishna, gemara and halacha on daily basis, and it will awaken you and bring you back to our father in heaven.

I want to encourage you to take part in 'הפצה'-spreading the rebbes light to the entire world, you cannot fathom the greatness therein. Chazal say (Avos 5, 18) : "כל המזכה את הרבים אין חטא בא על ידו" 'whoever is מזכה another yid is saved from sin'. There is a fire burning and people are being harmed every day. Bochurim and girls are throwing away yiddishkeit; they refuse to listen to anyone anymore. Yet the rebbe does have a way to talk to their hearts, and the rebbe has a way to bring them back. Therefore by going הפצה and spreading the rebbes teachings we can save the entire generation.

Thanks to Hashem we are zoche to have a printing room in yeshiva where seforim and pamphlets are printed all day. When Maharosh visited the printing room for the first time he was extremely happy and he expressed himself "R' Nosson would have been very gladdened by such a printing room". Whenever there was a simcha or melave malka in yeshiva, Maharosh would request to see the printing room; this was his entire life to print and distribute the seforim to all.

My goal is to establish talmidim who should constantly have in mind 'how can I help another yid?' What can I do that my neighbor should have shalom bayis (harmony at home)? What can I do that another yid should know he can also learn? Each day when you wake up, start your day thinking 'what can I do today to help another yid?' take along CDs booklets, and seforim  wherever you go so if you meet someone you can infuse them with life.

Nowadays it is not embarrassing to distribute the seforim anymore. Everyone knows how much they accomplish and that they are the only way to save our, and future generations. Nowadays young girls and boys are spending hours glued to the internet, they watch inappropriate things which leads to inappropriate actions and aveiros rachmana litzlon. No one has a way to stop the catastrophe, but the עצות from the rebbe which  Maharosh taught us are the only way to save our generation.

Hashem should help you succeed in all your endeavors.