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Sholom Bayis, Shabbos, שובבי"ם, Uman, Kedusha

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Answer from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a

בעזרת ה' יתברך-ערב שבת קודש פ' שמות, כ' טבת, שנת תשעט


This week is the first Shabbos of שובבים; we must be extremely excited with the opportunity to observe this Shabbos properly.

Maharosh would constantly review the following Medrash (תנחומא בראשית, ג) “If one rejoices with the holy Shabbos, and sweetens it in whichever way possible, it is equivalent to as if he would have fasted a thousand times.” Therefore, the yetzer hora is terrified that one will rectify everything, just through keeping Shabbos in the right manner; so, he makes it his business to distract a person with whatever he can. Already from Friday morning one should daven to Hashem that he should merit to be happy throughout Shabbos; that he shouldn’t lose his temper on Shabbos; and that he should rejoice with the holy Shabbos.

Baruch Hashem, we are moving forward with the building in Uman, the exterior is almost complete; Hashem should help us finish it already, it should be “והראנו בבנינו, ושמחנו בתקונו.” This building will be a beacon of light to the entire world, as we see already; the teachings of the holy Rebbe are gradually being absorbed in all different communities and kehillas.

I personally thank everyone for helping me; but really you are helping yourself. Why is it I need this building? Is it my desire to incur debt? The only reason for doing this is, because I want to protect your children.

Yesterday I sent a bochur out of yeshiva; another bochur came to tell me that not everything is in order with him; when I asked him to elaborate, he explained that a few years ago whilst being in Uman for Rosh Hashanah, this particular bochur was staying in the same hotel as him, and throughout yom tov, he was chasing after the small children in a suspicious and inappropriate manner. This brings out how essential it is to have a safe place where to stay in Uman, and I want to provide accommodations where we can protect our kids.

Last week Friday night, I had an interesting incident. I usually don’t leave the Beis Hamedresh during davening, but a random thought entered my mind ‘let me go outside and check what is going on’. I stepped out for a moment, and just at that time a yingerman on the way into the Beis Hamedresh approaches me. I immediately stopped his entry, and told him to leave at once. When he asked why, I told him “I have heard you are a pedophile rachmana litzlon.” He turned around and fled as fast as he could. It was divine providence that I met him outside, and was able to chase him away in time.

People ask me, what is the importance of repeatedly talking about protecting oneself, and one’s children, from מניוולים? And I think to myself ‘will I ever be able to stress enough on it?’ When people would be aware of what is going on nowadays; how boys and girls are being victimized by sick people rachmana litzlon, they would beg me “please talk more, we want to have the peace of mind, knowing our children are safe.”

I’m sending you some pictures of the construction in Uman, so you can see with your own eyes how your money is being used. I don’t want a repeat of the problems we had last year; the roof wasn’t sealed properly and every time it rained, the whole building was submerged in water. I want to finish it as soon as possible.

Don’t view this as unnecessary, because traveling to Uman is our first priority. The holy Rebbe proclaimed (Chai Maharan, 405) “The entire world depends on my Rosh Hashanah”; we all go to Uman every year; and we bring along our children once they turn 7, we must have a place where to be together.

Thanks to Hashem I have obtained tickets for the coming Rosh Hashanahהבא עלינו לטובה  שנת תש"פ; I should merit yet another opportunity to visit the holy Rebbe, together with my children.

We cannot take aggravation, money, or anything else into account; we travel to holy Rebbe with mesirus nefesh. Therefore, we took the plunge and started such a project, to erect a building, in order to have a safe locale. Give it a few years and this building will be small already, every year there is a fresh class of five and six year old’s, who also want to merit the guarantee from the holy Rebbe (Chai Maharan, 517) “I promise every child, which comes to me before he turns 7 years of age, he will merit to be wed, holy and pure.” What more do parents want then ehrliche doros? What better guarantee does one have, that their children reach marriageable age, righteous and pure from aveiros, without being נכשל in פגם הברית?

Yingeleit ask me, is it so crucial to take their children every year repeatedly, why won’t it suffice just once? I think to myself ‘true, it’s a lot of money, but what is the value you put on ehrliche doros??’ It costs me an awful lot of money; I’m traveling with five children this year, kein ayin hora. Make a calculation, one ticket costs a thousand dollars, so in total I’m paying six thousand dollars. It costs money; but we will do everything in the world to ensure our children stay holy and pure.

Gladden your wife; the holy Arizal says (שער הפסוקים פ' כי תשא, סימן לא, ועיין ברא"ש קמא 7, 19) the acronym for 'ושמרו בני ישראל את השבת' is 'ביאה'. This illustrates, that on Shabbos one must be together with his wife. This is the only reason the yetzer hora puts so much focus to cause arguments and strife between a husband and his wife; they end up sulking at each other, and as a result, their Shabbos is destroyed. Therefore, try with all your strength to stay happy, and relaxed throughout Shabbos.

Good Shabbos.

Hisbodedus, Tehillim, Teshuva, מעביר סדרה, שובבי"ם

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Answer from the Rosh Yeshiva Shlit"a

בעזרת השם יתברך-יום א', פ' שמות, ט"ו טבת, שנת תשע"ט


 With thanks to Hashem we enter the holy days of שובבי"ם, the Ari Hakodesh would say (שער רוח הקודש, תיקון כז) "during the days of שובבי"ם one can repent for all his sins, especially for the aveira of פגם הברית; whoever commits this aveira cuts himself off from Hashem, but during these days it's possible to rectify everything".

The only question is "what can I do?" And "where do I start?" We have sunken so deeply into this aveira we cannot see a way out. The Ari Hakodesh says, that the tikkun for this aveira is to fast for 84 days. (For each time separately.) If you make a calculation, one would have to live for thousands of years, just to have enough days in his life to rectify all the times he committed this aveira. So where does one start?

The holy rebbe says (Chai Maharan, siman 491) "One that knows of me; why should he fast?, And one that is not aware of me; fasting won't help him". If one knows of the teachings of the holy rebbe, one knows that doing tshuvah doesn't entail impossible avodas or affliction. And if one does not have the עצות of the holy rebbe fasting alone won't help him.

The rebbe also said "if I would have only known of this when I was young, what one can achieve by simply talking to Hashem, I would not have tormented myself with such עבודות, only utilized my time talking to him.

The holy rebbe says further (Chai Maharan chelek 2, siman 73) "מי שרוצה לזכות לתשובה, יהיה רגיל באמירת תהלים, כי אמירת תהלים מסגל לתשובה", whoever wants to attain tshuvah should say tehillim; therefore now, that we have entered the ימי השובבי"ם, find the time every day to say the yom tehillim.

The rebbe would say, we have to thank the tzaddik R' Refoel from Bershid z"l, a talmud of the holy R' Pinchas Koritzer z"l; he was the one that introduced to the world that one should say tehillim even without feelings or emotions. He taught his talmidim "better to say a kapitel without emotions, the עיקר is to say tehillim". The rebbe praised this, because it encouraged people to start saying tehillim.

Today we start Sefer Shemos. Listen to what Maharosh would say, start being מעביר סדרה at the beginning of the week. Don't postpone it for Friday or Shabbos, instead learn a little every day, and you'll merit to have a blessed week with an abundance of success. If one pushes it off until Friday, the entire week can go by without being מעביר סדרה, and it can cost you a hefty price heaven forbid. Therefore, start from Sunday, learn a little every day, and this will protect you the entire week.

Take a minute to contemplate, and see how your days fly by like a shadow. "כצל ימינו על הארץ ואין מקוה" and chazal say in regard to this (bereishis rabah 96, 2) "הלואי כצילו של כותל, או כצילו של אילן, אלא כצלו עוף בשעה שהוא עף" halevai our days be like a shadow on the wall, or like the shadow of a tree which take time until they pass by, but instead a persons life is swifter than that, it flies by, like the shadow of a bird in the sky.

The new year just started, and this week we are already up to Sefer Shemos; make a calculation if you were מעביר סדרה every week until now, if you learnt the parsha with the chumash and Rashi. Yesterday night we made a siyum on mesechtes Damai from talmud Yerushalmi; every  morning the children, bochurim and avreichim all learn a daf Bavli and Yerushalmi together. We had a melave malka, and a siyum, we thanked Hashem for the miracle that he did with us, that we merited to be connected to the holy rebbe, and to be part of 'Hichel Hakodesh'. That we have a rebbe which constantly reminds us, not to let ourselves be fooled.

The holy rebbe would say (sichas haran, siman 51) : את זה תקבלו מאתי, שלא להניח עצמו להעולם להטעות", this is what you should be מקבל from me: "the world fools you; keep your eyes open not to be fooled". Maharosh would review this all the time, he would say, this sichah is a compass for the person. Just as a compass guides a sailor at sea, and it is crucial in steering the ship in the right direction; likewise one has to stay focused, am I doing what is right? Or am I concerned only with others, and  neglecting to look at myself?!

Tomorrow night will iyh be another chasunah here in yeshiva; we are slowly able to see how every word Maharosh said, is being fulfilled.

May Hashem grant you success in all your endeavors.